Faith leaders support Occupy Wall Street

In response to the violent suppression of demonstrators in Oakland and Atlanta, dozens of faith leaders from across New York led hundreds in a march across the Brooklyn Bridge to join those occupying Zuccotti Park.

On Sunday, Oct. 30, on arrival at the park, faith leaders held an interfaith service and delivered more than 100 tents from the New York faith community to support the growing occupation.

The march took place at 2:00 p.m. from Brooklyn’s historic The House of the Lord Church to honor the 33rd anniversary of the March on Wall Street led in 1978 by Rev. Herbert Daughtry and the Black United Front.

Organized by hundreds of NYC faith leaders who pledged support for OWS under the banner Occupy Faith NYC, this group has held interfaith services at the park every Sunday since they first presented the false idol of the golden calf.

The faith leaders plan to continue to support the protesters with both pastoral and spiritual support while working to address the disparaities that “threaten the soul of this great nation.”

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