Fashion Week Brooklyn draws crowds through the Metaverse

A model walks the runway at Fashion Week Brooklyn.
A model walks the runway at Fashion Week Brooklyn.
Shawn Punch

Fashion Week Brooklyn (FWBK) has emerged as one of the leading fashion events showcasing the talent of aspiring and established designers from across the globe, according to Sarah A. Freiseis, special projects manager at the Brooklyn-based entertainment company PlaybookMG.
Freiseis told Caribbean Life on Wednesday that the bi-annual, week-long event, was organized by the 501c3 non-profit BK|Style Foundation (BK|SF) “and just wrapped season two of 2022, marking 16 years since its inception.”
“This season, the theme ‘Metaverse of Fashion’ ushered in a new era,” Freiseis said. “By incorporating the metaverse, attendees can explore the collections and experience shows in a unique format.
“This fall, Brooklyn proved the destination of choice for many of the New York Fashion Week collection debuts and events this season, including the Heaven by Marc Jacobs party and the Tommy Hilfiger runway show,” he added.
Freiseis said the kick-off of Fashion Week Brooklyn took place in Park Slope on Oct. 9, with Actor Sir Patrick Stewart and artist General Steele among the celebrities attending the fashion show and block party on day one.
“The Metaverse of Fashion provided the perfect platform for fashion designers to gain exposure for their collections and to connect with buyers, media and other industry professionals,” she said. “The latest fashion and technology showcase is powered by community initiatives, partnerships, sponsorships and fundraising efforts.”
Freiseis said Brooklyn has been “at the forefront of fashion innovation for years,” adding that BK Style Foundation has been “a driving force in promoting and supporting local fashion talent.”