Felicia’s Promise Inc. mentors girls 12-18 years old

Felicia Fonrose, middle back row with her team, and mentees of Felicia’s Promise, after a day of fun in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.
Felicia’s Promise Inc.

Brooklyn-based Felicia’s Promise Inc., a mentoring program geared towards the development of primarily disadvantaged girls of color 12 to 18, from underrepresented communities, started as a ministry at Bethany Church, in 2019, has made super strides in its outreach programs to help the youths realize their fullest potential.

Founder and Executive Director, Felicia Fonrose, told Caribbean Life recently, that her passion to serve, inspire, and support young girls who are driven, were her ultimate goals for launching the program, at the church, she attends, and where the church’s fellowship hall and her home address, serves as a base for in-person sessions and the organization’s activities.

The humanitarian explained that Felicia’s Promise, now has 501 © 3 non-profit status, since filing for the tax-exempt program August 2020, during the pandemic.

“We ended our pilot summer program in August 2021 and are in full session since October 2021,” she said, noting that the organization is mostly virtual until the pandemic is under control.

“We have promised and are honored to play a role in helping them realize and reach their fullest potential,” she said of the grass-roots group.

“As we help them develop marketable skills, attain higher education, career opportunities and become financially self-reliant, we are devoted to increasing their confidence, purpose and self-esteem,” said Fonrose, the Bedford Stuyvesant-born former owner of a day-spa, she operated for 12 years in Clinton Hill.

Fonrose, the wife of a Trinidad-born, who began hosting the youths at her place of business said, through the program she connected with her mentees in a way that moved her to do more every chance she got.

Knowing that her potential is unlimited, Felicia has promised that with God’s blessing she would encourage, uplift and support more young ladies who faced some challenges just as she had. As such, the girls develop, as the program grows and as “we acquire more girls, we will create mentoring groups for a more personalized experience,” she said.

Founder/Executive Director of Felicia’s Promise Inc. Felicia Fonrose poses with Mentee Ambassador Destiny. Felicia’s Promise Inc.

“They will be mentored virtually in a group setting by the FP team until the pandemic is under control. Our mentees in other states and countries will continue to be virtual. We are also providing academic tutoring and extracurricular resources as needed,” she added.

“The group mentoring sessions will be held once per month for one hour. We offer free individualized tutoring (virtual), social skills development through workshops and group mentoring sessions, fitness, civics engagement and S.T.E.A.M that are’s incorporated into some of our workshops,” she explained, adding, that there is also a Philanthropic Promises Program.

The compassionate lady, who is giving back in a big way, said her life’s journey included many struggles and triumphs. Homelessness and kinship foster care taught her to determine her response when she could not control what was happening around her.

She decided not to let her past define her life, but instead, chose to make good choices, along the way, decisions that led her to work for some of the top fortune 500 companies in NYC.

Speaking with passion, about the cause that is so dear to her heart and soul, the benevolent woman, said God placed this program on Felicia’s heart and along with her amazing Leadership Team, they have developed a program that will serve many.

Felicia and her ambitious leadership team understand that it takes a village. They formed a village of mentors and promise to change the lives of those who are willing to put in the work to fulfill their dreams, she shared.

She wants young ladies of color to learn the importance of surrounding themselves with positive people who are living purpose driven lives because she has learned and believes that is how one grows despite her circumstances, said Fonrose who is determined more than ever to make a difference in the lives of many young girls as she possibly can.

“We currently have mentees in New York, Virginia (Virtual) and Liberia, West Africa (Virtual).  We are currently accepting new girls into the program,” said Fonrose, who currently funds the programs through donations.

Felicia’s Promise’s 2022 programs will include two virtual workshops per month every month on a Saturday at 1 pm ET for one hour. The exceptions are October and December. There was one 90-minute workshop in October, and there will be one in December 2021. Topics are:

November — Wellness to include Skin Care and Yoga

December — Public Speaking (Part Two 90 minutes), January 2022 – Fitness & Nutrition

February — Art Enrichment

March — Literacy (Mentees will read a book and the author will host the workshop) April — Financial Literacy May/June, July & August

A soulfully poetic evening featuring live entertainment, fundraiser, will be held on Dec. 4, at 6 pm, in support of mentoring programs and workshops. www.FELICIAPROMISE.ORG