Fight against family homelessness continues

Fight against family homelessness continues

On the heels of the release Monday of the New York State budget, the Family Homeless Coalition has made it clear to lawmakers that “stop gap measures are not enough,” saying that, for families at risk of homelessness, “stability is the answer.”

The Family Homelessness Coalition represents service and housing providers, children’s organizations and advocacy organizations.

“While the state’s improved economy is a good thing, rising rents and a lack of home affordability are driving more and more New Yorkers to the brink of homelessness,” said the Coalition in a statement.

“This growing crisis calls for innovative policy solutions that can truly move the needle in increasing housing stability for New York families and individuals,” it added.

It said that, while Queens Assemblyman, Andrew Hevesi and Senator, Liz Krueger’s legislation to create a statewide rental subsidy with the Home Stability Support Program is “commendable,” the state’s 2020 adopted budget “fails to create this statewide rental subsidy.

“This leaves the most vulnerable New Yorkers without the necessary resources needed to break the barriers to stable housing after experiencing homelessness or its likelihood,” it said.

“Stopgap measures are not enough,” the Coalition stressed. “For families at risk of homelessness, stability is the answer.”

The Coalition said it remains committed to making a statewide rent subsidy a reality.

“We challenge the state Legislature and Gov. Cuomo to build upon the steps taken in this year’s budget, and work with us to ensure that at risk families are better able to move from crisis to stability,” it said.

The Family Homelessness Coalition comprises the following organizations: Advocates for Children of New York; Barrier Free Living; CAMBA; Citizens Committee for Children; Coalition for the Homeless; Enterprise Community Partners; Gateway Housing; Henry Street Settlement; Homeless Services United; Monadnock Development; New Destiny Housing Corporation; RiseBoro Community Partnership; Safe Horizon; Settlement Housing Fund; The Floating Hospital; and Women in Need.