For this father-daughter duo, kindness is shown through vegan food

David Simmons, during a community event on Aug. 2.
David Simmons, during a community event on Aug. 2.
Photo by Jasmine Myrick

Davie Simmons was born and raised in Georgetown, Guyana, and he now lives in Brooklyn, where his daughter Jasmine Myrick was born and raised.
Simmons has been running his restaurant, Uptown Veg, since 1994. It has two locations in Harlem, one at 52 East 125th St., and the other at 349 Malcolm X Blvd.
The restaurant’s Brooklyn location just opened in June, at 364 Lewis Ave., in the neighborhood of Bed-Stuy. “My father had the largest influence on me opening a store in Brooklyn,” Myrick said.
The restaurant makes vegan burgers, sandwiches and wraps, infusing Caribbean flavors and spices.
Options on the menu include the jackfruit and falafel burgers, as well as the turkey and veggie wraps.
Menu options also include pastries and organic smoothies and juices. Options for smoothies include beet, cabbage, lemon, lime, passionfruit and mango. Options for juices include ginger beer, sorrel, peanut punch, tamarind, and seamoss, which are all popular in the Caribbean.Acts of kindness they have done through the restaurant include “feeding the homeless at night,” Myrick added. “We also have provided food to different shelters,” she continued.
Additionally, Myrick is part of the graduating class for Project IMPACCT, an eight-week entrepreneurial program for BIPOC and women entrepreneurs based in Brooklyn.
It was launched by IMPACCT Brooklyn, in collaboration with Citi Foundation, and it helped business owners strategize ways to grow their businesses. Learn more about IMPACCT Brooklyn here.
According to Myrick, Simmons’ hobbies include playing tennis, working in his garden, and watching movies. Myrick’s hobbies include discovering things from places she’s been to in NYC.
Those who are vegan, or who are interested in trying vegan food in NYC, can visit Uptown Veg at any of the three locations and place orders in person. They can also place orders online via Grubhub.
Those who have any questions can contact Uptown Veg at: 212-987-2660 (125th Street), 646-590-0308 (Malcolm X Boulevard), and 718-484-3586 (Lewis Avenue). They can also contact Myrick directly at: 347-423-4141 .