Former dancehall great drops ‘If I Was Famous’

Minister Marion Hall.

When it comes to reaching people, Minister Marion Hall has a way with words.

As a former Jamaican dancehall great, formerly known as Lady Saw, Hall has seen success from many sides. 

“Her passion and talent continue to set her apart as one of the most well-recognized artists in the world,” Sarah A. Freiseis, Special Projects Manager with the Brooklyn-based entertainment company, Playbookmg, told Caribbean Life, stating that Hall recently released a new song, “If I Was Famous.”


After announcing her devotion to Christianity, Freiseis said Hall began making a “broader spectrum of music.” 

“Her sound is unique as ever, and her voice shines in all lights, from soul, R&B, and gospel, to rock, rap, and dancehall,” she said. “The track has poignant lyrics and a great beat. 

“The vibe is both uplifting and reflective,” Freiseis added. “Behind the catchy spirit of ‘If I Was Famous’ sends a deliberate, if not a matter-of-fact, message.” 

Freiseis said Hall’s transformation marks the start of her next chapter, disclosing that the minister is working on a new album with “several powerful tunes and is excited to share her latest work with her fans and first-time listeners. 

“Marion stays busy working as a professional in the music industry and dedicating her life to God,” said Freiseis of Hall. “She hosts prayer and fasting services in her spare time and preaches to audiences via video online.” 

Listen to “If I Was Famous” at

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