Former KKK grand wizard endorses Charles Barron for Congress

David Duke, the former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan recently announced support for New York City Councilman Charles Barron who is seeking to represent Brooklyn’s redistricted 8th Councilmanic District in Congress.

On the first day of summer and perhaps one of the hottest of the year, Duke released a ‘You Tube’ video saying: “In this election of limited choices, I believe that Charles Barron is the best choice.”

“In a race for Congress between an anti-Zionist Black activist and a Black activist who is a bought-and-paid-for Zionist Uncle Tom, I’ll take the anti-Zionist any day.”

“I think there’s no greater danger facing the United States of America and facing the world than the unbridled power of Zionist globalism.

Charles Barron stands against that power.

If I lived in New York City, I would certainly vote for Charles Barron.”

Duke is an avowed white supremacist who ran in both the ’88 and ’92 presidential primaries.

Many believe Duke’s support can be tied to the fact that both he and Barron hold anti-Israel positions.

Lupe Todd, a spokesperson for Barron’s rival Hakeem Jeffries said: “Hate and extreme rhetoric have no place in our society.”

“We denounce David Duke’s remarks in its entirety and urge the other candidate in this race to do the same.”

Barron’s response to the YouTube endorsement was that “We’re staying focused and we demand respect for our campaign.”

“I don’t think that’s a campaign issue. I don’t think it’s intelligent.”

He described the endorsement as “foolishness.”

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