Freaks Mas wants ‘A Taste of Confectionz’

Nikkole DeCaul, portraying “Cotton and Candy Crush.”
Photo by Nelson A. King

The two-year-old Freaks Mas is only asking for “A Taste of Confectionz” as it seduces masqueraders and onlookers this Labor Day, bringing “a fun experience to Eastern Parkway,” according to band leader Ray Bruce.

“Part of the history of the Caribbean that has been partly forgotten is the sugar industry that our ancestors worked tirelessly on”, said Bruce in Caribbean Life interview.

“It has been overlooked, and we wanted for this to be brought to light; hence the name ‘A Taste of Confectionz’, a representation of sugar and sweets,” he added.

Bruce said the production, with differing designers, comprises seven sections, with about 60 masqueraders, male and female, in each.

They are: “Bittersweet” by DeGrind Mas; “Candy Couture” by Jason Benn and Patrice; “Cotton Candy Crush” by Freaks Mas; “Honey Seduction” by Foreva Divas; “Paradise Plum” by K Designs & Freaks Mas; “Raw” by Wideshut Promotions; and “Tasty Treats: Sweet & Sour” by Sherzel Productions.

Bruce said there’s an in-house production staff that assists annually, identified only by aliases and first names: Baby, Elliot, Jane, Nicola and Deniesha. “We have had a consistent count of 500-plus masqueraders every year and one of the biggest following in the Caribbean community,” he said, adding that, each year, the band has placed in the top 3 of large bands.

“We hope to bring a better understanding of the West Indian culture, and show people the beauty in mas,” he continued, disclosing that masqueraders represent many different countries of the Caribbean.

They also come from Florida, Canada, and even as far as Brazil, Bruce said.

“We are expecting our masqueraders to have a wonderful and safe time with us on the road, but taking band of the year would make it sweeter,” he said.

Masqueraders will gyrate to the hypnotic sounds of DJs Natural Freaks Reloaded, Dr. Wax and Elegance Sounds.

Freaks Mas is located at 4515 Avenue D, between 45th & 46th Streets in Brooklyn.

You can visit its website at; email at [email protected]; Instagram at freaksmas; communicate on Facebook at; or call the secretary, Althia McKenna, at (347) 260-6959.

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