From a dream to a legacy

From a dream to a legacy
President of WIADCA Bill Howard.
Photo by Tequila Minsky

It is my pleasure as president to welcome everyone, on behalf of the members of the West Indian American Day Carnival Association (WIADCA). Our volunteer membership has personified their determination to present world-class programming of the Caribbean to the world starting at the Brooklyn Museum on Aug. 31 to Eastern Parkway on Sept. 4 for the Carnival Parade, North America’s largest outdoor festival on Labor Day Monday.

WIADCA launched its 50th anniversary celebrations on Aug. 17, giving almost 1,000 guests in attendance a spiced up taste of what will follow over the five-day weekend.

Now in our 50th year and looking forward to another 50 years, we have revisited the legacies that most inspired the community, such as steel pan and costume making classes for our youth and seniors and much more that was the intention of the our former President, Carlos Lezama, who with his wife Hillary, was at the helm for 34 years.

I acknowledge the hard work of our membership and hundreds of volunteers that bring over two million attendees, participants and enthusiasts to the annual celebrations that provides us with the impetus and motivation to continue to preserve the rich cultural traditions and heritage of the Caribbean here in New York.

With this in mind, I graciously appreciate the efforts of our team, our sponsors, supporters, mas bands and steelbands that tirelessly bring out the best of the best to the celebrations every year.

Lastly, thanks to our elected officials, city and state agencies for their continuous support. The WIADCA members, including myself, invite you to continue the dream that was set 50 years ago, now our collective legacy by joining us on the Parkway, once again in unity and enjoyment.

Have a safe and Happy Carnival and see you next year!

William R. Howard, President


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