GAC walk aims to end gun violence

President of the Guyana Action Committee (GAC), Errol Lewis said over the past year, the organization has identified with many groups, that are of the opinion that gun violence has claimed the lives of many in, and around ‘our communities to the extent where it has now become an unacceptable norm due to its consistency.”

Speaking to Caribbean Life on the upcoming Sunday, Oct. 23, “Walk To End Gun Violence” in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, Lewis reiterated the importance of members of the community joining the fight for gun violence prevention programs.

“The Guyana Action Committee wants to engage a cross section of the community at every level, which is consistent with activism, call to action, and our gun violence prevention program,” said Lewis.

A former officer, Lewis said that GAC would continue to identify projects addressing social issues, particularly, in the area of gun violence.

“GAC provides provide immediate support to families of gun violence victims. The group aid in funeral arrangements by providing professional guidance, cost of wake or repast expenses base on our budget,” said Lewis, adding that the group also provide volunteers to assist with all related events, including, visits to violent prone areas

But Lewis is passionate about preventing deaths through gun violence in the first place. As such, the organization engages the community through literature distribution and discussions on “issues affecting citizens and ways on how to channel the information with hope of corrective action.”

“Our call to the community is clear. Life is precious, save it. Gun violence is not the answer and we call for more gun amnesty guns giveback programs to get rid of illegal guns off the streets, and demand an end to senseless killing,” said Lewis.

He explained the pain of seeing and experiencing the loss of members loved ones to gun violence, which have caused traumatic experiences too many times for us. “Gun violence is personal to our team,” he said.

“Stiffer penalties are needed to unexplained, unwarranted law enforcement shootings,” he added.”

The membership is calling on everyone to come out and support this worthy cause by signing up online at

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