German couple slain in Tobago

Police are searching for the killer or killers who hacked to death an aged German couple in Tobago, the Sister Island of Trinidad over the weekend.

The victims were identified as Hubertus Keil, 74, and his wife Birdig Keli, 71.

The gruesome discovery was made by two passers-by on the beach, about one mile near the mouth of the river at Bacelot Bay.

They may have been killed about two days before the discovery.

Police are yet to confirm a motive for Tobago’s latest tragedy as all items at the couple’s home located at Bacelot Crescent were untouched.

Neighbors said the couple usually visits the island every October and vacationed until March.

They had only arrived in the country about three weeks ago.

The couple’s house is within walking distance of Bacelot home that belonged to British couple Peter and Muriam Green who were chopped viciously on Aug.1, 2009.

The government said this will have a serious impact on international travel to Tobago, especially for the upcoming bumper season previously projected.

Tobago’s already low crime rate had seen a drop in serious incidents by the past year.

Crimes against visitors have dropped by 69 percent in Tobago.

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