Glenroy Marsh celebrates 20 years in fashion with book and boutique

Jamaican born Glenroy Marsh shows off his new coffee table book of fashion, Fashion Allure, ready for the pre-order sale online.
Jamaican born Glenroy Marsh shows off his new coffee table book of fashion, Fashion Allure, ready for the pre-order sale online.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

D’Marsh Couture creator, Glenroy Marsh has lots to be thankful for this holiday season. The Jamaican-born award-winning designer has launched “D’Marsh The Allure” a fashion-inspired book of his colorful collections, as he opened a boutique in New York City, to celebrate 20 years in the business.

Marsh, a recipient, of the Caribbean Life’s 40 under 40 Award, told the publication he is overwhelmed with emotions and different feelings, looking back at how it all started, as an intern assistant designer, with Caribbean fashion house Uzuri International, where received his early training.

The 11th floor space, located at 1115 Broadway in Manhattan, has an array of samples from his male and female collections off the runway, that can be custom designed to that elegant holiday look.

His sense of style is a creative mix suited to both male and female. He relocated his shop from Brooklyn, to not only capture buyers who navigate the busy Flatiron shopping district familiar in the borough, but because his creativity has evolved outside of the Caribbean diaspora.

“I needed a space so that when people are in New York city, it is easy for them to come in for a consultation, whether for graduation, wedding, bridal party, attire for a special occasion. I custom design outfits for all sizes, and in any color,” said the couturier, who is ready to embrace the Christmas rush.

In addition to gowns in brilliant hues, decorated with hand-crafted beading and sequins, the designer, patiently etches fabrics to suit the occasion.

A wide array of outfits from Glenroy Marsh's D'Marsh Couture collection in his 1115 Broadway, Manhattan showroom.
A wide array of outfits from Glenroy Marsh’s D’Marsh Couture collection in his 1115 Broadway, Manhattan showroom. Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Marsh’s signature black and red motif has captivated runways across the Caribbean, Europe and Africa, and decorated showrooms in New York city. His artistic qualities continue to drive his brand that is inspired by the culture, beautiful scenery, natives, and fabric from his travels, while staying parallel to new fashion trends.

The passionate designer is deeply focused on crafting and detailing glamorous one-of-a-kind ensembles, a skill he acquired over many years in the industry.

His experience while traveling to several countries including Italy, Greece, Ghana, South Africa, China, Canada, are incorporated in the richness of his creations.

Many of these qualities are captured in the 200-page hardcover coffee table volume, “D’Marsh Allure,” tracing collections from 2003, that can be reserved at a pre-order sale.

The store also offers a jewelry line, custom-designed bowties made from African cloth, a cosmetics line, a skincare collection of scrubs and lotion, as well as gift-wrapped non-chemical candles.

Marsh, who said he was more about building relationships and sowing seeds in business, is giving shoppers a wide range of gift-giving items to choose from his showroom.

“I have something new in the showroom every day. You will be welcomed,” said the founder and creative director, whose conglomerate include House of D’Marsh.

According to an Internet review, “Marsh is a creative genius epitomized by his ability to fuse the worlds of art and fashion. The House of D’Marsh is catchy, contagious and leaves a lasting impression,” it said.

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