Green Acres School celebrates 25 yrs of education

Green Acres School celebrates 25 yrs of education|Green Acres School celebrates 25 yrs of education
Mrs. Marilyn Butters-Green, proprietress, chief executive officer of Green Acres School Group, in her Georgetown, Guyana office after an exclusive interview with Caribbean Life.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Mrs. Marilyn Butters-Green, the mother of a college-educated daughter, like many Guyanese parents, assures, that education is paramount to a child’s overall upbringing and lifelong success.

The proprietress and chief executive officer of Green Acres School Group in Georgetown, Guyana, recently celebrated 25 years in existence, with a week of activities showcasing the excellence, discipline, and educational level the institution has attained.

In addition, to a victory march, photo exhibition, steelpan breakfast morning, volunteer-day, and a concert to celebrate its achievement; Growing in Grace and Wisdom Towards Excellence, Green Acres is easily one of the most accredited institutions, recording in the top 100 schools every year for Common Entrance examination passes.

“The students have done very well in Common Entrance over the years, gaining places in elite high schools. Hats off to my committed, very hard-working teachers, whom have remained loyal to the school, over its history,” said Mrs. Butters-Green, during a recent interview with Caribbean Life in her Georgetown Office.

The course of study includes English, mathematics, social studies and foreign languages, in addition to extra curricular activities, such as field trips. The students participation in dance, drama, Mashramani and Easter festivals, have won the group many first-prize trophies.

This is a testament to the very good relationship the educator maintains with everyone. She calls the school a family oriented institution that gets full involvement and cooperation from parents who attend parent-teacher meetings, and volunteer at school activities.

“I can depend on parents, they are very much involved. We also host Teachers’ Appreciation Day to say thanks for their stellar work,” said Butters-Green, who applauded the educators for seeking higher learning.

The instructors must obtain a university education to become a member of the staff of Green Acres. They also come prepared with a graduate degree from Cyril Potter College of Education, and a wealth of knowledge, she said.

Butters-Green noted, after leaving her nursing career, she returned to school to become an educator, but explained, it was not a smooth transition. Her passion and dedication helped her complete her studies in order to attain the excellence she strives for to educate Guyana’s children. She said that the institution’s success was entirely driven by recommendations and thanked parents who have been very pleased with the education, care, and discipline their children receive.

Butters-Green, a very cheerful individual, who was seen interacting with both parents, and students on the complex grounds, shares the same nurturing qualities she shared as a nurse before becoming an entrepreneur.

She credits her love and passion for the development of children, and had hoped to do so with just two, which was the case when she opened her door in January 1994.

But according to her, it was God’s will that she took the path she has, after parents were very happy with the service they received, and asked her to start a nursery school. This grew to include 28 children, and before she knew it, a primary level registered 36 children, and a need for the complex to house all the schools.

Today, she educates more than 1000 students in three ‘green’ buildings. An administrative office, cafeteria, and convenient waiting area for parents to receive their children after school, comprise the complex.

“God has been working in my life, because I now have over 1000 children. I only saw myself with a playschool, so I must say thanks to my dedicated staff, some, who have been with me over the past 25 years.”

The little ones decked out in uniform during a Victory March to celebrate the 25th year of Green Acres School Group in Georgetown, Guyana.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

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