Grenada govt. survives no-confidence vote

Grenada govt. survives no-confidence vote|Grenada govt. survives no-confidence vote
Prime Minister Tillman Thoms reacts with the supporters after his address.
Photo courtesy of the Grenada Government
Photo courtesy Government of Grenada

A large number of Grenadians turned out for a rally on May 20 to “give thanks and to celebrate the government’s defeat of an opposition no-confidence motion in Parliament,” according to a government release.

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas described the no-confidence motion and related events of the past two weeks as an “unwelcomed distraction” which attracted “much negative attention,” and reaffirmed his commitment to the values he set out prior to assuming office in July 2008.

“Many of you were apprehensive about your government,” Thomas said, adding: “I was never in doubt, because I firmly believe that God is in full control. So today, we give thanks to the Almighty for taking us thus far.”

Speaking to a crowd estimated by police to be more than 2,000-strong, Thomas stressed that his administration will maintain its core values of integrity, honesty, accountability, transparency, good governance, respect for law and order, love and concern “for all our people.”

“These are the values that I subscribe to, and I will remain committed to them.”

The Grenadian leader also used the opportunity to thank his parliamentary colleagues for voting against the no-confidence motion.

Cross-section of the population came out to celebrate the government's victory.
Photo courtesy of the Grenada Government

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