Guyana among 12 emerging travel places to visit

On the cusp of the 50th Independence Anniversary celebrations, Guyana has been accorded yet another distinction, having been featured in the Business Insider United Kingdom’s “12 Emerging destinations you have to visit in 2016,” according to the Guyana Tourism Authority.

In this most recent feature, Broadcast journalist and photojournalist, Anisha Shah explains that 2016 is all about emerging destinations.

“Wilderness, wildlife and culture; these themes will illuminate the year’s travel itineraries. Escapism and authenticity are key and nowhere offers them quite like fledgling and far-flung nations,” she said.

In sharing her perception of the destination, Shah, who is now a freelance journalist for CNN, BBC Travel and Huffington Post wrote, “Dripping in rainforests, Guyana’s untouched pristine interior is sparsely populated, home only to few Amerindian villages.

“Wildlife far outnumbers the people, with jaguars, pumas and sloths the real locals,” she said. “The majority of people inhabit the Northeastern narrow Atlantic Ocean coastline of blonde castaway beaches backed by dense forest, home to endangered sea turtles.

“Kaieteur Falls, one of the grandest falls you’ve never heard of, is the world’s widest single-drop waterfall, peaking at 76m and encased in virgin ancient jungle. Seeing it by tiny charter flight is unforgettable,” Shah continued.

“Why Now? You’ve heard of Iguazu and Angel Falls, read about Galapagos wildlife and Brazil’s rainforest but Guyana is a small nation with all of the above, where you won’t come across another tourist…just yet,” Shah said.

Also making the list of the 12 Emerging Travel Destinations to visit in 2016 were Alaska, Japan; Gabon, Uganda, Iran, Taiwan, Madagascar, Greenland, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea and Kyrgyzstan.

“These recent accolade augurs well for Guyana, as the destination prepares to celebrate its Golden Jubilee with great fanfare and welcomes any opportunity to promote the vibrancy, raw authentic adventure, stunning scenery and rich culture that is unique to this South American country,” the Guyana Tourism Authority said.

According to Tourism Minister Catherine Hughes, Guyana’s “unique blend of tourism products is as rich and as attractive as those found in any part of the world.”

She said, too, that the destination has the potential to attract a wide cross section of travelers, with varying interests, and the ability to lure those looking for unique adventures in “off the beaten path” destinations.

Hughes said that, over the years, Guyana has cemented its position as a leading Sustainable Tourism Destination, and has gained international recognition as National Geographic Traveler 2014’s “must-see places on planet earth.”

“The tourism sector is very important for showcasing a country’s cultural diversity, as well as its socio-economic potential,” said Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority Indranauth Haralsingh.

He said the destination features an “irresistible combination of captivating natural beauty; pristine Amazonian rainforests; immense waterfalls; amazing wildlife, blended with a vibrant indigenous culture, rich heritage and the most hospitable and friendly people in the world; niche products include Bird Watching, Sport Fishing, Community Based Tourism, Wildlife Spotting and Yachting.”

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