Guyanese celebrate WIADCA at 50

Guyana Consul General to New York, Barbara Atherley is calling on all Guyanese across America to come out in their numbers on Labor Day Monday, to celebrate and honor the 50th Anniversary of the West Indian American Carnival Day Association (WIADCA).

The diplomat told Caribbean Life on Tuesday, that WIADCA saw it fit last year, to celebrate the 50th Year Anniversary of Independence of Guyana and Barbados on the parkway, by allowing representatives of the two countries to serve as grand marshals, and as such, Guyana wants to reciprocate to honor and recognize the work of WIADC as it celebrates its 50th anniversary.

“WIADCA saw it fit and important to recognize the two countries at the parade with representatives who served as grand marshals so it is only fitting that we celebrate their 50th anniversary.”

“The Guyanese community should honor and recognize the efforts of the West Indian American Day Carnival Association for maintaining the Caribbean culture, and forging a bond among Caribbean countries, and celebrate with them on their 50th anniversary,” said the diplomat.

“It has been a long struggle, but WIADCA has managed throughout the years to make sure they celebrate Caribbean people, and therefore it is fitting that a Guyanese contingent march with elected officials to recognize and to honor WIADCA,” said CG Atherley.

The marchers, she said, would not need a costume, but a t-shirt with the symbolic 50 representation, in a show of support by organizations and elected officials.

She added that the consulate supports this great initiative for Guyanese to come together as one, and in unity, to celebrate with WIADCA, adding that elected officials of Guyanese heritage, Senator Roxanne Persaud, one of the highest ranking Caribbean politicians in New York, will be walking the parade route.

Justice Ingrid Joseph, Maureen Walker, Comptroller of the City of Mount Vernon, Legislator Lyndon Williams, Officers in Law Enforcement, a group formed after Det. Randolph Holder was murdered, and others, will march in the parade on Eastern Parkway.

“I want to encourage Guyanese to come out in their numbers since this is a good opportunity for us to come together as one and join in this historic event WIACA at 50, and the first time Guyanese would be celebrating in this manner.

A registration fee of $20.00 will include a white t-shirt. Marchers are encouraged to wear white bottoms, for uniformity at the parade.

Sen. Persaud, who represents a large Caribbean community in the 19th Senate District in turn, said it is extremely important for Guyanese to unite if they want progress as a people, as a community, adding, “It is my hope that the representation at the West Indian American Day Carnival parade is reflective of the six races of Guyana.

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