Haitian American play debuts at NY Theater Festival

Haitian American play debuts at NY Theater Festival
Rose Menos as MAryse Laurent and Papa Jean, playwright and acting as Jean Laurent in the play “Les Boîtes Noires.”

lThe “Les Boites Noires” play by Haitian playwright Papa Jean will debut at the NY Theatre Festival, with shows on Feb.17 at 9 pm, as well as Feb. 19 at 9 pm, and Feb. 22 at 6:45 pm at The Hudson Guild Theater, 441 West 26th St., New York, NY, 10001.

Papa Jean is also an actor, writer, and content creator from New York city. He has a distinctive cultural background with a strong focus on portraying the voice of the Haitian community. Inspired by his family descent, he recently created this poignant new play, which ties into his background and the life of immigrants in this day and age.

The play tells the story of a family who left their native homeland, Haiti, to relocate to New York city. It blurs the lines between comedy and drama and offers light-hearted moments contrasting with deeper and more personal segments.

The audience can relate to the struggles of immigrants who made such a lifechanging transition and had to deal with the challenges of adapting to a new environment without losing track of their ancestral traditions. Is it possible to stay connected with your home culture, and still adapt to the American culture?

This play deals with very real issues in a way that is so engaging and easy for people from all walks of life to connect with.

Papa Jean is personally invested in this story, and he is the perfect spokesperson for people, especially those of Haitian and Caribbean backgrounds, who are unfortunately not often seen on stages to tell their important stories.

For more information visit www.papajeanrepublik.com or email [email protected]papajeanrepublik.com

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