Haitian songstress builds more than fame

Haitian songstress builds more than fame
Haitian R&B songstress Reyna Von Chase.

A Caribbean American entertainment company in Brooklyn says a new R&B and Haitian American prodigy is captivating the ears of listeners with her impressive vocals, eyes of new fans with her gorgeous looks, and hearts of everybody in New York with her beautiful soul.

“Meet the one and only, Reyna Von Chase,” Marie Driven, the Haitian American managing partner of Playbookmg.com, told Caribbean Life on Wednesday, stating that Chase is not only building fame but legacy. “The impact she made on the main scene in a short amount of time displays her immense potential.

Driven said that Chase’s most recent project, an EP titled “Color Me Chase,” released in the summer of 2019, showcased “her mastery of curating beautiful tunes while bringing light to her integrity as a morally correct and uncompromising woman.”

“Multiple sources and industry critics proclaimed the EP as one of the top hidden gems of 2019, with tracks composed of relationship-driven narratives that correlate the full range of emotions young women find themselves in when in love or falling out of love.”

Driven said a prime example of Chase relating to fellow women about the struggles of finding solitude was the release of her music video, “Favorite Girl.”

She said Chase garnered high acclaim for the multiple perspectives portrayed in the video.

“Chase’s unapologetic nature is on full display with her looking at past failures, giving her the confidence to move with purpose and integrity,” Driven said.

She said imagery from the video and song “depicts intense scenes derived in themes of dark and psychotic ideals that heartbreak can bring.

“It’s an in-depth look into the mind of a woman that has been convoluted with the idea of finding peace in demanding herself for love, but then revolts to her strong personality,” Driven said.

“Reyna’s (Chase) durable nature blends flawlessly with her pristine creativity to curate a brilliant song and visually similar to that of early Rihanna in hits like ‘Disturbia,’” she added.

Driven said Chase presents “an artist that is raw and unafraid, also cathartic in her music that she even has a song titled, ‘I Wish You Would Die.’”

Additionally, Driven said the range of Chase’s discography is “far-reaching,” stating that “a great example is a brash, women self-empowerment tune curated in means of promoting self-worth by leaving a bad relationship called ‘Do Not Disturb,’ creating a vibe similar to that of speeding down the highway, playing music loudly because you’ve overcome tragedy with triumph.”

More than music, Driven said Chase wants to be the next prominent figure of unity for not only her fellow Caribbean women in Brooklyn but also for the entire borough.

“Similar to that of legends from the Notorious BIG and Jay Z, Reyna intends to be the next big thing from Brooklyn,” Driven said. “Rooted in high morals, immense musical talent and astonishing beauty, Reyna Von Chase will not be chasing her dream much longer.

“Watch it run right into her more and then some in 2020,” she added. “The legacy of Reyna is only beginning; but, for now, check out ‘Color me Chase’ on all streaming platforms.”

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