Harlem rallies against plague of violence

A multitude of religious and community-based organizations gathered at the Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. State Office Building Plaza Saturday, Nov. 26, to join with the Harlem Transformation Project in a March For Peace, taking a proactive stance to bring about an end to a “plague of violence” in their community.

The march proceeded to the Grant Housing Project then to several other housing complexes, all of which were scenes of the most recent youth violence in the area, to encourage community residents to reach out and help their area by scheduling workshops, seminars and lectures offered by the Harlem Transformation Project and other community organizations.

Akili Rose, founder of Harlem Transformation, told Caribbean Life he wanted to implement the project by January, 2012, adding that it could be done because “its free, it educates, it heals, it unifies, it saves lives.”

Harlem Trans-formation’s motto: “Let’s Educate, Let’s Save Our Youth, Let’s Save Our Communities”, Rose added, coalesces perfectly with the effort to end violence in the community.

Rose appeals to the community to call Harlem Transformation Project at (347) 822-1386 or go to www.harlemtransformationproject.org. for more information on becoming involved in the effort.

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