HEROC cancer walk raises funds to advance care

HEROC cancer walk raises funds to advance care
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Last Sunday was bone-chilling cold but members, family, and survivors, nevertheless, took to the Coney Island boardwalk to participated in the Health and Education Relief Organization for Cancer (HEROC) Strides for Cancer walk to raise funds to advance health care, education and nutrition for cancer patients and others of the community.

The five-year-old group joined thousands of other advocates, dressed in the signature color “Pink” during the Cancer Awareness Month initiative, hosted by the American Cancer Foundation that received donations from HEROC.

Funds raise will also aid in providing the required help in the fight against cancer, and to improve care and wellbeing through the work of members and associated groups.

President Lorna Welshman-Neblett thanked supporters for their commitment noting that the organization’s, yearly medical mission to Guyana that will begin on Oct. 25 provides screenings in rural villages. A “Look Good, Feel Better” day of beauty to motivate cancer survivors, patients and those who are thriving with the disease, is just one of many other activities planned.

Through its partnership with the Giving Hope Foundation, headed by Oncologist Dr. Latoya Gooding in Guyana, HEROC under its slogan: “Give Cancer the Boot” has educated thousands of citizens on cancer and has initiated programs to help women in need, many who are recipients of wigs and prostatic bras.

The Giving Hope Foundation that has been a vigilant partner in getting the word out through its “Early Detection Saves Lives” campaign, and during Guyana’s “PinkToba” vision has screened more than 200 men and women this month alone, while reminding citizens of its mantra.

Welshman-Neblett is confident that cancer will end some how and in some form.

She remarked that five years ago, patients diagnosed with the disease died at a higher rate, but today, because of early detection and advanced treatments many are surviving.

“It is a good thing, people are sharing and talking more about cancer, it is important to spread the word to inspire others so they too can get the support needed to live.”

She is calling on the community to support cancer initiatives, and make donations to the worthy cause so that survivors, and those who are receiving treatment, especially in Guyana, could live longer lives.

HEROC will join the Giving Hand Foundation in a Strides for Cancer Walk on Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018 in Georgetown.

Team members are VP Harold Lutchman, Recording Secretary, Marion Theresa Nadir: Asst. Recording Secretary, Shirley Collins: Corresponding Secretary / PR, Francien Williams; Asst. PR, Pauline Roach; Treasurer, Marie Hinds-Lutchman;Parliamentarian / Treasurer, Cleveland John; Events / Education Dir., Barbara Chase; Events / Education Asst., Verna Walcott-White, and Events / Education Asst., Salima Baksh.

For more information, go to www.heroc.org.