Honoring Reggae’s diversity & impact

Reggae sound systems from around the world will gather in New York’s Caribbean Center – Brooklyn, for a historic Thanksgiving celebration on Friday, Nov. 26.

London’s legendary David Rodigan, Japanese Sound Masters’ Mighty Crown, Jamaican soundsystem idol Tony Matterhorn, and Trinidadian-American heartthrob Young Chow will converge in Nazareth Hall with New York’s “Big Clock” Steelie Bashment for Thanksgiving History 2K10. Celebrating Reggae’s diversity and global impact, Thanksgiving History 2K10 is set to be one of the city’s major holiday events.

“Anywhere you go in the world, whether it be Europe, Asia, Africa, there is always a connection to Reggae or a Reggae cultural influence in one form or another. You can go to Japan and see Japanese kids with dreadlocks wearing red, green, and gold, and singing Bob Marley lyrics,” states Steelie Bashment, New York’s signature Reggae/Dancehall soundman (dj).

“Thanksgiving History 2K10 is about celebrating Reggae’s global impact. We have sound systems from three different continents and soundmen of various races and ethnicities coming together in ‘the melting pot’ of New York City to represent for Reggae.”

Thanksgiving History 2K10 features German-born, British raised sound icon David Rodigan, who was first introduced to Jamaican music in the mid-1960’s, when Jamaican singer Millie Small performed her Ska hit, “My Boy Lollipop” on British television.

Rodigan has served as a tour dj for international Reggae acts, and has ‘clashed’ or competed against Jamaican sound system giants such as Stone Love, Bass Odyssey, Killamanjaro, and Jamaican radio/sound legend Barry G.

Known as the “Far East Rulers,” Mighty Crown is Japan’s groundbreaking sound system, upholding the country’s Reggae/Dancehall scene for almost 20 years. Not only does Mighty Crown thrive as one of the industry’s most renowned and explosive sounds, they also produce Japan’s largest Reggae festival — Yokohama Reggae SAI — which attracts more than 40,000 people annually.

Tony Matterhorn aka Tony Mentally-Ill aka the Man from Mars is one of Dancehall’s most beloved characters – outspoken, outrageous, and outstanding.

Jamaican-born Matterhorn came to prominence in the early 1990’s as a soundman on New York City’s famed King Addies sound system.Known for his aggressive style of ‘selecting’ or spinning records, and his over-the-top personality, Matterhorn toured the world exclusively for live stage shows and clashes.

In the 2000’s, Matterhorn tried his hand as a Dancehall artist, scoring an international hit in 2006 with his single “Dutty Wine” which sparked the dance craze. Vibe Magazine listed “Dutty Wine” as one of the year’s most influential songs.

Thanksgiving History 2K10 producer/promoter Steelie Bashment, born and raised in Brooklyn, has grown from a soundman into a brand synonymous with Caribbean music, media, and entertainment in New York City.

In 2003, Steelie Bashment launched Waah Gwan Radio, an Internet station that quickly rose to be a leader in Caribbean media, with DJs and personalities from Jamaica, Trinidad, and Guyana covering the gamut of Island music and entertainment. In 2010, Steelie Bashment started Bashement Karib Media, a multi-media and promotions company.