Hoop buffs cheer on Jeremy Lin

Could Jeremy Lin, a first year backcourt man on the New York Knickerbockers, be a great one and rank among the top guards in the National Basketballl Association? The rate that he is going even though he was not drafted shouldn’t stop him by any means. He has almost all the ingredients to be a future Hall of Famer.

Game afer game he is almost fantastic. Some of his plays don’t even appear in the box score. When he drives into the basket or down court, he has the ability to go right through the opponents.

The 23-year-old Lin who was claimed by the Knicks last December impresses the fans tremendously. After they saw him perform on the court both offensively and defensively they speak very highly about him.

“I love him because when he came off the bench nobody recognized him as a good player,” said 21-year-old Aubrey Hendricks, a product of a charter school, Brooklyn Bridge Academy before a recent Knicks-New Orleans game outside of Madison Square Garden. “Now he is showing everybody what he’s made of.”

‘Linsanity’ appeared in 29 games as a reserve with the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association last year and 18 overall contests, including making eight starts during the first 32 contests with the Knicks this season.

But there is a question mark whether ‘Linsanity’ and Carmelo Anthony, an established hoopster could play together the 1 and/or 2 positions at the same time.

“I don’t know if they could jell in the backcourt,” continued Aubrey Hendricks, who intends to go to college come next year. “It depends if Carmelo changes his style of play and shares the ball more than he usually does.”

Hendricks resides in the Starrett City section of Brooklyn. Aubrey’s father Loxley Hendricks and the basketball follower’s grandfather Aubrey Hendricks, both come from Jamaica, West Indies.

“Since Lin came aboard to the NBA with the Knicks, they are a great team,” Aubrey continued. “It’s New York. We love our teams regardless if they lose or win. Right now everybody is a Knick fan because of Lin.”

Everyone agrees that Lin is a very good point guard and makes the team better. He has good eye sight for the game knows when to take those shots, and tries to play excellent defense, as well. Be he as to cut down on his turnovers. It’s still early and he has to progress.

“Lin is great for the team,” added Jake Reighenbar of Purchase, New York during half time of a recent game.

“I like the whole big picture (that Lin has to offer),” said Greg Cochrane of upstate New York. “I watch the games on TV; now it’s my first time here getting to see game (in person). They (the team) will catch on.”

Cochrane attended Durhamn High School, located south of Albany.

Meanwhile, Dave Luckey feels that Lin will work together with Carmelo Anthony. “When they put all the talent out there with Carmelo, they’ll be fine,” Luckey said. “I’m a native of the Bronx. I think that he’s a very good poiunt guard, good distributor of the ball, and knows when to shoot the ball, and make the team better.”

Luckey, a former player at The Bronx’s Lehman High School now resides in Somerset, New Jersey.

“It’s still early and Lin has continually progress,” added Robert Brice, who played high school at Dodge of The Bronx. “He has a lot of raw talent and has to fine tune that talent. The Knicks are my favorite team.”

Lin has all the moves for a second year NBA player and he is making a name for himself and impressing all the fans and is the talk of the basketball world.

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