Humbleton releases ‘Rifle’

Humbleton releases ‘Rifle’
Jamaican singer Humbleton.
Marie Driven

Queens-based roots, reggae and culture singer Humbleton debuted his most recent single, “Rifle”, on Oct. 1 on multiple streaming platforms, according to Marie Driven, managing partner of

Driven told Caribbean Life that Humbleton has been “gaining traction stateside as he is steadily building his brand.

“The conscious reggae singer (is) using his positive morale, promoting peace and unity through his music,” she said. “The lyrical discourse of the tune pacts a profound and influential message highlighting the negative impact of crime and pleading for the end of gun violence.”

Driven said some of Humbleton’s past hits – including “Future Jamaica,” “We Nice,” and “Be on the Alert” – have helped catapult him to “the forefront on the scene.”

She said a new extended play album, “Humbleton’s Transition”, is also “in the works.”

“Humbleton is known internationally within the genre and continues to build appeal,” Driven said. “His fans are conscious-minded people that are quick to pick up on his message, as he explores many crossover themes in his music.”

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