Humbleton takes up his calling

Humbleton takes up his calling

New Jamaican reggae artiste Humbleton has added to the mix of influential reggae artists in the Caribbean island.

According to Tracy-Ann “Roxxi” Chung, public relations coordinator of the Brooklyn-based PlaybookMG, Humbleton hails from the parish of Hanover.

“Humbleton proclaims his calling was music; and, with his innate passion for music, he wants to spread the positive message and uplift the youths of Jamaica,” Chung told Caribbean Life on Wednesday, April 17.

She said Humbleton promotes “good vibe” and “positive changes,” with songs such as “Future Jamaica” and “We Nice.”

“He describes his fans as positive and conscious-minded people, and is personally passionate about helping others find value in themselves,” Chung said.

She said Humbleton also has his sights on charitable endeavors, “as he aims at making donations to provide necessities to those in need.

“Humbleton has his sights set on leaving a legacy behind,” she added. “It’s the motivation behind sharing his message, and with hopes of collaborating with others that share the same desire to inspire the world through music.”

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