Etana releases her new album “I Rise,” which will be available from Oct. 28, 2014 on VP Records. The beautifully-orchestrated set is helmed by the legendary Jamaican multi-instrumentalist and producer Clive Hunt, whose credits include Byron Lee & The Dragonaires, Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, Peter Tosh, Rolling Stones, The Wailers, Grace Jones, Jimmy Cliff and many more.

Hunt arranged an all-star team of the island’s musicians to contribute to the set – including himself, Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Grub Cooper, Handel Tucker and Dean Fraser. The Jamaican singer-songwriter’s melodic power blended with Hunt’s rich arrangements sets this album apart as one of the best throughout Etana’s stellar career.

Etana carries the torch as reggae’s leading lady with this classic collection of love ballads and roots anthems. With her poised assurance and newfound strength, she evolves spiritually, mentally, emotionally and musically. Whether she is shedding light on the harsh ghetto realities on “Trigger,” “Ward 21 (Stenna’s Song)” and “How Long,” conveying romantic longings on “Richest Girl,” “Love Song,” and “By Your Side” or expressing her deep-rooted spirituality on the Bob Marley remake of “Selassie Is The Chapel,” the Marcia Griffith’s cover of “Stepping Out Of Babylon,” “Emancipation” and “On My Way” – each of the album’s tracks is delivered with her soulful conviction.

“I Rise” follows her criticially-acclaimed albums “Better Tomorrow” (2013), “Free Expressions” (2011) and “The Strong One” (2008). This album promises to showcase her growth compared to the last album. “You will also hear a lot of growth in the areas of vocals and instruments from the last albums,” said Etana.”

She described her music as worldly, pulling from various influences. “It’s deeply rooted in reggae and can also be classified as ‘world’ music. At times you will also hear a fusion of jazz, soul and South American music. I grew up listening to people like Marvin Gaye, Gladys Knight, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder and diverse genres of music. I believe that it influenced and shaped, in many ways, my style of music.”

Etana pays close attention to her outward appearance, wanting to stay true to herself. “The image I seek to convey is one of strength, being true to life, true to myself as well as being true to others and this comes out in my music. In my music, I seek to be real and be myself,” she said.

As an artist, she hopes to accomplish doing a world tour and filling up stadiums all over the globe. She defines success as being happy with herself and her work. “I define success as an artist, being comfortable and happy at what you do by stepping out of the box; achieving and accepting who you are and being able to sleep comfortably at night with the fact,” she said.