Ingrid Griffith’s Shirley Chisholm Unbossed and Unbowed celebrates WHM

Ingrid Griffith.
Actress Ingrid Griffith.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Guyanese American Ingrid Griffith is taking her Shirley Chisholm Unbossed and Unbowed one-woman show to the Out of Hand Theater Partnership for Southern Equity.

“Shirley Chisholm: Unbossed and Unbowed” will run for eight weeks, from March 10 to April 30, in living rooms across Metro-Atlanta. Tickets can be purchased at for $30 or $22.

She told Caribbean Life, “Shows in Homes” pairs cocktail parties with art and conversation in intimate spaces to facilitate understanding around social justice topics. After each hour-long performance, the Partnership for Southern Equity will host a facilitated conversation on how to become politically and civically active on issues of justice and equity, for seniors and students.

Due to the unique nature of the performance space, there are limited tickets available for each performance.

“This one-woman play follows Shirley Chisholm, the first African American woman to run for the President of the United States. Many called her the Black Joan of Arc, but she called herself “Fighting Shirley” as she faced off against the political machine of the 1960’s and 70’s in the name of justice,” said the release.

“This is a powerful way to engage with art,” said Out of Hand’s Artistic Director, Ariel Fristoe. “The unique setting of Shows in Homes provides for an intimate theatrical experience and truly meaningful conversations with our partners.”

“We hope Shirley Chisholm’s extraordinary life inspires eventgoers to take positive action in their communities. The Partnership for Southern Equity was a natural partner for this year due to their work on justice and equity initiatives, which were at the heart of Shirley Chisholm’s work.”

Griffith, who burst onto the scene many years ago, in her one-woman show, “Demerara Gold” that played to sold-out performances, about a girl from Guyana who taps into her wild spirit to break away and reunite with her parents – is once again getting rave reviews for her performance in “Shirley Chisholm: Unbossed and Unbowed.”

More information about this year’s Shows in Homes production of “Shirley Chisholm: Unbossed and Unbowed” can be found at

“Out of Hand Theater works at the intersection of art, social justice, and civic engagement. We spark conversations to build a better world by using the tools of theater to support and enhance the work of community partners. Out of Hand has four programming areas: Shows in Homes, Community Collaborations, Education, and Equitable Dinners. Out of Hand is a noted and respected provider of theatrical experiences that address key issues of equity, representation, empathy, and justice. For more information about Out of Hand, visit,” said the group.

Partnership for Southern Equity (PSE) works to advance just outcomes that are sensitive to the needs and circumstances of all populations – erasing the barriers that stand in the way for everyone to succeed. PSE stands to address these inequities in our communities so prosperity can be created and shared by all. For more information about the Partnership for Southern Equity and their work, visit, according to the organization.