Jah9 performs new songs at mini concert

Jah9 performs new songs at mini concert|Jah9 performs new songs at mini concert|Jah9 performs new songs at mini concert
Photo by Tequila Minsky|Photo by Tequila Minsky|Photo by Tequila Minsky

Reggae artist Jah9 performed at a mini concert at SOB’s in Manhattan on Dec. 6. The singer sang a few singles from her forthcoming project “Feelings,” and over a hundred people turned out to see her. Some fans were so excited to experience the artist’s show, they journeyed to the city just to see her, said one woman.

“I enjoyed her performance, her message, and her engagement with the audience,” said Rosemary Hite, who trekked from Connecticut to SOB’s.

Hite says she was pleased to hear the ideas that Jah9 communicated to concert goers, and groove to the positive topics she sings about.

“I loved hearing her address the show with a capacity of urgency of what’s taking place in the world, and professing the need for more understanding and taking a judgmental stance,” she said.

At the 90-minute show, Jah9 performed a dozen touching songs, including “Feels Good,” other songs like “Mister Preacherman” and “Unafraid,” which are Hite’s favorites. She added that Jah9’s presence in reggae music is inspiring because there are not many Rastafari singers focussing on those issues.

“Being a woman of the Rastafari movement in music that’s mostly being led mostly by men, she is a great breath of fresh air, because she’s a female artist that says things that have profound messages behind it,” added Hite.

As a fairly new fan of the artist, Hite says she is a huge supporter of Jah9’s music and loves everything her artistry stands for.

“No one can hold candle to Jah9 — she’s multi-faceted,” said Hite. “She’s impressive and so amazing, and sometimes it’s difficult to put her into words.”

The singer’s project is expected to be released in January and she will be touring Brazil.

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