Jamaican-American community advocate seeks to ‘protect democracy’ in Brooklyn

Jamaican-American Community Advocate Anthony Beckford.
Photo courtesy Anthony Beckford

After years of serving the community as a fervent community advocate and mentor, Jamaican-American Anthony Beckford says he has decided to run for the position of Male District Leader, also known as a State Committee Member, so he can “protect democracy” in Brooklyn.

District Leaders are elected, unpaid leaders of the Brooklyn Democratic Party. There is one female and one male District Leader representing each Assembly District.

District Leaders make decisions that affect every day Brooklynites, such as voting on Democratic Party leadership, helping to staff poll sites and nominating local judicial candidates.

Early voting in the Democratic Primary starts on June 15 and ends on June 23. Election Day will be on Tuesday, June 25.

Beckford, the son of Jamaican immigrants, who resides in Brooklyn, told Caribbean Life over the weekend that he believes he will be “the perfect example of leadership as a Democratic District Leader.”

He said he plans to bring into the position his advocacy and know-how to draft and lobby for legislation that the community needs.

As a single father, US Marine Corps veteran, entrepreneur and a dedicated community advocate, Beckford said he is “no stranger to holding elected officials accountable and bringing about positive change and progress for the people.”

“There is a need in our democracy for more leaders who have integrity, and are true advocates and protectors of our democracy,” he said. “We have heard lip service one too many times and have seen many ‘Electeds’ disappear after election day and then they reappear when it is time to vote again.

“I take our democracy and our rights very serious, and will continue my long-standing work within the district to make sure that our democracy and our rights are protected,” he added. “I will also make it my duty to help out ‘Electeds’ in city, state and federal with common sense legislation that benefit the people.

“I am not just vying for a seat, I am bringing the representation that is present, transparent and committed,” Beckford stressed. “My path to victory is very clear. The community has already made it very clear who their Democratic choice will be.”

Beckford is a two-time recipient of the Caribbean Image Award, Brooklyn Power List Honoree Award, Kings of New York Award, and Community Mom and Pop Award for his advocacy, entrepreneurship and mentorship.

He is endorsed by: Assembly Member Brian Cunningham; District Leaders Sarana Purcell, Michael Boomer, Kori Knipel, Anthony Jones, and Arleny Alvarado McCalla; former District Leader Shirley Patterson; Voters For Animal Rights; New York Progressive Action Network; and Community Stakeholders Lindiwe Kamau, Patricia Charles and Carmen Martinez.