Jamaican family in Wuhan, China shares tips on how to survive the coronavirus

Shirley family via Youtube video advising the world on how to stay safe from the Covid-19 virus

The Shirleys, a Jamaican family, who moved to Wuhan China, in October 2019, and who have been on lockdown for over two months, said this is not a time to cast blame, and practice any form of prejudice.

Mother, Shanna, father Bevon, and sons, Cruise and Chase, via a video that went viral, warned viewers against using the situation to scam others, and spread fake news, but instead, listen to official sources, and not panic.

Shanna, started by saying, “we are the Shirleys, from Jamaica and we are sending you this message from our home in Wuhan China, the epicenter of the coronavirus, and in spite of the worldwide pandemic, there is light, at the end of the tunnel, and there is hope.”

The family, who sat close to each other, as they spoke to the camera, wanted to share ideas, on how to stay safe, according to their experiences, to help others, during the spread of the virus.

“Life is good, and we are giving God thanks,” said Shanna, and family members who each gave their own account, of what they had to deal with during almost, 52 day on lockdown,

For the first month, they had moved about freely, even though most businesses were closed, and there was no form of public transportation. But up to when their video went live on March 16, they had continued to stay at home.

Mr. Shirley explained, that when the virus was detected, they limited their travel outside of the home, but if, they did outside, they first beef-up their immune systems with a Jamaican brew of ginger, honey, garlic, apple cider vinegar, and sour orange, and wore surgical mask.

In addition to practicing good hygiene, by regularly washing hands, and reminding each other not to touch their face, the bunch played board games, like Dominos, while staying in contact with family and friends. They also enjoyed laughter as a comfort.

They all agree, that Covid-19 is not a death sentence, and pointed out that china’s population of about 1.4 billion, nearly 500 times the size of the Jamaica population, now reports that 83% of the persons who were sick, have fully recovered, noting that the pandemic will soon be over.

Jamaica and other parts of the world could now benefit from the knowledge gained by the Chinese during the period when the virus had peaked, they noted.

Young Chase Shirley advised, “If everyone plays their part by taking personal responsibility for your safety and obeying the instructions that the government and the officials give us, this would limit the spread of the virus.”

The family spoke with Tamron Hall of NBC TV show, via Instagram video from China, and shared, that their love of travel and adventure, brought them to China.

The couple, teachers at an International school in the Asian country, encouraged people to use the time at home to bond with family members, and inspired students in the Caribbean, to revise notes, for up coming regional examinations, while remaining calm.

‘We have grown closer as a family, and to God, said the Shirleys, who expressed gratitude to neighbors for helping to bridge the language barrier, and thanked friends who showed them love.

“The support has been phenomenal from everyone, including the Jamaican Embassy, and Jamaican Association in China. For this, we want to give back by saying, where ever you are, be it in Jamaica, or in other parts of the world, yes, Covid 19 is here, but do not fear, this too shall pass. Pass on love, not germs, we can it, and so can you. One Love, they said in unison.