Jamaicans can get free vaccines at consulate

Jamaica’s new consul proposes reforms to better assist nationals
Jamaica’s Consul General to New York, Alsion Roach Wilson.
Jamaica Information Service

The Jamaica Consulate seems to be far ahead in winning the race to herd immunity. Consular General Alsion Roach Wilson recently dispatched a press release alerting diasporan nationals that beginning April 1 eligible Jamaicans can receive free, vaccines at the Third Ave. location from 8 am. to 6 pm.

It’s not an April Fool’s joke.

For four consecutive days until April 4, eligible Jamaicans can be assured of immunization from the corona virus by making an appointment.

The good news to NYC residents require identification (including passport) and proof of eligibility. Also emphasized is that only citizens of Jamaica will benefit from the inoculations and available clinic.

Enabled through partnership with New York City Health and Hospitals Test & Trace Corporation, the four-day health advocacy is enabled to enhance supplies provided by NYC and also provide information on COVID-19 and related health matters.

Although daily news reports from NYC certify the addition of inoculation sites and increased opportunities to receive vaccines, complaints from some community residents are that despite regular inquiries, the vaccines and appointments have been elusive.

During daily updates, Mayor Bill de Blasio continues to give assurances that anyone from age 30 can readily receive the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines however, seniors are complaining that “more said than done.”

Tyrone Neal, a Brooklyn resident said he has been relentlessly calling into CVS Pharmacy to request an appointment.

“They keep telling me they ran out and I should try again tomorrow.”

‘It’s very frustrating.”

Neal said he is willing to take the Johnson & Johnson one shot or any of the three approved vaccines being offered but regardless of the time he calls is always disappointed by the response.

Meanwhile, the infection rates in New York and New Jersey are spiking with increased hospitalization rates rising.

The Center for Disease Control attributes this to a relaxation of caution with residents dispensing with social distancing practices and using masks as chip straps rather than cover protection over the nose and mouth.

Others are casting blame on Gov. Andrew Cuomo for reopening the state too quickly.

This past weekend, Jamaicans on the island experienced a full lockdown with curfews and heavy fines imposed on violators. From noon Saturday to 5 am on Monday, “No movement” restrictions prevented citizens from performing normal activities. This sanctioned curfew will prevail for two more weekends along with daily restricted activity from 8 pm to 5 am.

Easter Weekend curfew begins on Saturday at noon until Tuesday.

Curfews are expected to be lifted on April 11.

From Kingston to Montego Bay, scenes from the island resembled New York City throughout April 2020.

The government of Jamaican purchased the European proved AstraZeneca vaccine which is expected to provide relief from the recent surge in infections and hospitalizations on the island.

To schedule an appointment for the clinic and vaccine call 212-935-9000 ext.120, 121, 130, 136 or email [email protected]


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