Jamaicans celebrate country’s independence day with Family Fun Day

Jamaicans celebrate country’s independence day with Family Fun Day|Jamaicans celebrate country’s independence day with Family Fun Day
Ragashanti, owner of Tamborine Radio.

The City of New York goes back to basic on the 52nd year of independence for the Caribbean island of Jamaica. JA Jamdown presents ‘The 4th Annual Jamaica Family Fun Day’ on Sunday, Aug. 7, 2016 at Thomas Jefferson High School Field located at 125-08 Flatlands Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11208.

The event begins at 11 am – 9 pm it’s highly recommend for early arrival. The afternoon is anticipated to be jam packed with Jamaicans from throughout the tri-state area and those who love the culture, coming together for one common purpose, to honor a special day in history.

JA JamDown CEO, Brother Gee said, “We want people to feel like they’re back home by triggering good ole’ memories. Throughout the USA, Jamaica’s independence is celebrated and as members of the Jamaica / NYC diaspora we must preserve our history, plus it’s a responsibility we have to our culture, community, and people to put together an event such as this.”

Patrons are highly suggested to come prepared for a host of activities such as Bull in a Pen, Bulla Eating Contest, Hulla Hoop Contest, Dominoes Contest, Tag-A-War, and many more organized competitions are set in place.

But, the fun doesn’t stop there, Ragashanti, owner of Tamborine Radio and Prince Marni, Internet comedian sensation, will be hosting the main stage which features live performances from Professor Nuts, General Trees, Sprouti, Livety International Sound, and Skelesha, the Dancehall Puppet. Tickets are available online via wwwJAJamDown.com or for more information, contact 718-483-8372.

About JA JamDown

JA JamDown is a cultural movement that seeks to reunite, preserve and educate the next generation of Caribbean Nationals about their rich cultural heritage. Through family time, Sports, stories, music and food, as your motto, would have it “Out of Many, One People,” a reference to the many cultures that came together to produce a nation. In this case here at JA JamDown, it out of many, Cultural activities we are seeking to preserve our heritage as we continue to build and cherish all the nations in the Caribbean.

Kingsley “Ragashanti” Stewart,

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