Jamaicans in Dubai need votes to win hot contest

A Jamaican couple living in Dubai would like Jamaicans worldwide to help them win a contest they are currently competing and in second place.

Known as Chef and Steward, they are internet food bloggers currently in a heated battle to win the top blog award for the United Arab Emirates.

Head Chef Lij and his multi-talented wife Kari have been blogging together for two years, combining their skills as trained professionals in the culinary arts, journalism and photography.

Based in Dubai for seven and three years respectively, the husband and wife team are from Kingston and have used every opportunity to portray their home country in a favorable light.

“There are so many people from all over the world living in Dubai that it provides us an opportunity to give them a positive taste of Jamaica,” Kari said.

“We want to win for the honor of giving Jamaicans that top spot.”

The duo is calling upon fellow Jamaicans near and far to support their efforts by voting for them to win. They are currently in second place and are in reach of the top spot, if given worldwide web support.

“We run the blog out of pocket and we do it so that we can be a positive image of Jamaicans. “We want you to vote for us to show that Jamaica is likkle but tallawah,” Chef Lij added. “We are living far away from home and it is our Jamaican food that helps to keep us connected to our beloved homeland. Many of our most popular posts feature Jamaican food.”

Supporters of the couple can cast votes for Chef and Steward by logging onto www.expatsblog.com/blogs/695/chef-and-steward

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the voting form

3. Enter your details and select your five-star rating

The team requests voters to also leave a comment saying why they should win.