Junior carnival bands display dynamic costumes

Junior carnival bands display dynamic costumes|Junior carnival bands display dynamic costumes|Junior carnival bands display dynamic costumes|Junior carnival bands display dynamic costumes
Beautiful in brilliant pink, this little reveler strikes a pose for Caribbean Life.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

The kiddies certainly rivaled adult masqueraders, bringing a level of maturity in mas to the streets of Crown Heights, last Saturday, Aug. 31, in some of the most elaborate costumes, seen at the kiddies carnival in recent times.

Led by Junior Grand Marshall, eight-year-old Isabell, wearing an African inspired costume, the carnival kicked off late, but made ground along the route, with more that 20 bands of toddlers, “teens and tweens,” who massed-up the roadway wearing exciting colorful creations.

Tropical Fete, an organization known for its cultural programs, kicked off the parade, with a medium band, junior queen, and red sequin-clad stilt dancers who thrilled the crowd with their artistic performances along the parade route.

The kiddies put on a show, as popular Soca music blasted, and dee jays egged on the little ones to dance up a storm, to showcase their costumes.

Some of the children carried large creations on their backs, and struggled to drag along the pieces, but did so anyway, to showcase their pride and love of culture.

Masqueraders, from as young as one year old, danced to hits such as, “Savannah Grass,” “Dah Wuk,” “Toco Loco,” “Practice,” “Like It Hot, “and others, waving heritage flags to the infectious Soca music, stopping at times for juice boxes, to fuel their energy, as the massive parade with bands carrying 150 little revelers, “nice up” the neighborhood.

Popular bands included “Kaisokah,” “D’Midas International,” “Strong Jeh,” “Color Me Carnival,” “1199 4 Seasons,” “Submerged Under the Sea” by Syrai Carnival Creations, “Aquatopia – the Enchanted Caribbean Sea,” “Charlize Horizon,” “Warriors of the Land” by Children’s Art Studio and many others.

This was yet another spectacular Junior Carnival parade, that left spectators in awe at the amazing artistry that went into each depiction, that moved along the streets of Crown Heights.

The little ones shook their feathers, beads, streamers, and sequins on their ensembles, completed with headpieces, armbands, and bedazzling footwear.

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