Jamaican Reggae Artist, Kabaka Pyramid. Kabaka Pyramid/Destine Media
Jamaican Reggae Artist, Kabaka Pyramid.
Kabaka Pyramid/Destine Media

Even with news of the global pandemic subsiding, there are those still trying to find ways of surviving, and “Make Things Work” is the latest single from Reggae artist Kabaka Pyramid telling this story.

“The new single produced by Young Pow and Damian Marley himself, speaks about the mounting pressures of the system from the perspective of the persistent hustlers determined to find a way,” Ronnie Tomlinson, the Brooklyn-based, Jamaican-born entertainment publicist, told Caribbean Life on Monday.

The track, which in many ways is a platform for the voice of the working class, was scheduled for release on all streaming services on Monday.

Tomlinson, chief executive officer of the New York-based Destine Media, said Pyramid is “well known for bringing attention to the plight of underrepresented people through his music – from songs like ‘Borders’, which spoke about the growing refugee crisis all over the world, to ‘Can’t Breathe,’ which focused more keenly on local systemic issues.

“The socially conscious Jamaican artist has managed to carve his own lane through a noticeable brand of contemplative lyricism and devoted musicianship that is reflected in his commitment to his live band, The Bebble Rockers,” Tomlinson said.

Cover of “Make Things Work.”Kabaka Pyramid/Destine Media

She said Pyramid released his introductory project, “Rebel Music EP,” in 2011 to “a welcoming audience, and continued to make a name for himself with hit songs like ‘Mi Alright,’ with frequent collaborators like Chronixx, Jah9 and Protoje.”

“His debut album ‘Kontraband’ was met with critical acclaim, containing hits such as ‘Kontraband,’ featuring Damian Marley, ‘Kaught Up,’ with a popular music video that found home on BET, and ‘Reggae Music’”, Pyramid said.

Since then, she said the artist has remained active with singles like “Quarantine,” and appearing on tracks like “Same Prayer,” featuring Chronixx.

Tomlinson said Ghetto Youths international and Bebble Rock have kept Kabaka busy producing for artists on compilations like “Victory Riddim,” making his own music and performing his catalog worldwide.

“This latest single, ‘Make Things Work’, is an affirmation of self-respect, self-love and perseverance for the typical go getter,” Tomlinson said.

“The rootsy reggae instrumental provides an adequately groovy foundation for such a powerful message,” she added.

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