Kingsbrook Jewish honors 251 employees

Kingsbrook Jewish honors 251 employees
From left, physician assistant Roland Ottley, Shaundell Agrippa and Paul Hawker.
Shaundell Agrippa

Kingsbrook Medical Center, a teaching hospital in Brooklyn, on May 1 honored over 250 employees from 25 departments for their “dedicated service” at a grand celebration at the hospital’s Lillian Minkin Ballroom.

The employees, who served from five to 40 years, were honored during the Central Brooklyn hospital’s Employee Service Awards ceremony.

One retiree, Michael Barry, was honored for 41 years of service.

The hospital bestowed certificates of appreciation and gold anniversary pins on 251 employees.

“This event serves as the most important recognition for staff members, and demonstrates the commitment and admiration Kingsbrook has for its valued employee base,” Enid Dillard, director of marketing and public affairs, told Caribbean Life.

Dillard, who was also honored for 15 years of service, added: “I have the greatest opportunity to help impact the community I was born and raised in.

“This work and the relationships I’ve made in the community and with my peers have been invaluable,” she continued.

Michelle Flournoy, director of human resources, said the ceremony provided Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center with “the opportunity to formerly thank our employees for the continued service and commitment.

“Throughout the ceremony, we heard many stories that demonstrate the hard work and love our staff has for Kingsbrook,” she said.

After receiving his award for 15 years of service, Vincent Mifsud, administrator of surgery and vascular services, said Kingsbrook, “many years ago, has become my second family.

“When you take pride in what you do and truly care about the people you work with, 15 years just seem to pass so easily,” he said. “I consider myself very fortunate for having a chance to work with such an expert caliber of individuals and look forward to what’s to come.”

Shaundell Agrippa, a Guyanese-born patient access representative in the Department of Admissions, who has 15 years of service, said: “I feel great when I know how my work has positively impacted another person and the organization through good customer service.”

The Laurelton, Queens resident told Caribbean Life that her best memory is “reassuring family members that their loved ones are treated and taken care of in the most dignified way by our healthcare professionals.”

On sustaining longevity at Kingsbrook, Agrippa said one has to “evolve and stay true” to oneself.

“In this industry, as you move along in life, [you] adopt somethings, adapt somethings and drop somethings, and focus on your long-term goals,” Agrippa advised.

Linda Bryant, a registered nurse, in the Department of Ambulatory and Endoscopy, who has worked at the hospital for 35 years, said she “usually don’t attend this type of event.

“I felt that, I did not need the recognition for a job and passion that I love,” she told Caribbean Life.

She, however, said she was “very happy” that she attended the ceremony.

“I realized it’s not about me; it was about my family — my Kingsbrook family,” Bryant said.

Paul Hawker, a Guyanese-born building service aid and reggae artiste, who carries the sobriquet “Pablo G,” has been working at the hospital for 39 years.

“I feel great knowing that Kingsbrook is my home away from home and helped me in grooming myself to who I am today,” the Brooklyn resident said.

Hawker has sound advice for all employees: “Take pride in yourself, be proud in whatever you do and have faith, and everything will fall in place.”

Shirley Franco, a purchasing secretary, was honored for 30 years of service.

She said Kingsbrook has been “an instrumental part of my life and is my home away from home.

“It’s the relationships that I’ve made with patients and co-workers that’s made my life so rich,” she said.

For Beverly Noel, coordinator in the Department of Medicine, who was honored for 15 years of service, “we are definitely a family here.

“I love interacting with all the international residents that come to us from all over the world,” she said.

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