K&L Manor Banquet Hall ready for bookings

Supporters at K&L Manor Banquet Hall, after a Wednesday 23, open-house soft opening. From left, Troy Mitchell, Nestor Segura, Quaneisha Caballero, Camille Hastick, Andrea Dawes, Owner, Tracey Cameron, a guest, (NYC Council Member Farah N. Louis partly hidden behind) Vladimir Sterlin, Dina Raviner, Joan Bakiriddin, Hassan Bakiriddin, and Assur Cunningham.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

K&L Manor Banquet Hall, a 6000 sq ft. newly remodeled banquet hall, a women-owned business, located at 4501 Glenwood Rd., in Community Board 17 in Brooklyn, welcomed prospective clients on March 23 to its open-house Wednesdays, as New York rebounds from the coronavirus pandemic.

New York City Council Member Hon. Farah N. Louis, congratulated Brooklyn-born Tracey Cameron, proprietor of K&L Manor, on her achievement during Women’s History Month, and thanked the Community Board 17 Commerce Committee for their unwavering commitment to small businesses, that benefits the East Flatbush district.

“It is important to invest in small businesses like these, we don’t have a lot in CB 17. I am grateful to be here, to support this business owner. This is an opportunity for us to showcase the phenomenal things we have in our district,” said Louis, adding that the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, (BCC) has an alliance with small businesses, and a connection to the community.

“It is also an opportunity to have ribbon-cutting ceremonies, and for small businesses to become members of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce,” said Louis, who appreciate resources such as marketing and social media, that are available for businesses to be visible in the community.

“When you see the councilmember attending an event like this, you know you could rent this space. This gets the word out,” she assured, especially now that New York City is opening after the pandemic.

Louis’ office is a vanguard in the fight against the COVID-19, providing much needed covid testing kits and PPE to businesses, while communicating with the mayor’s office, for support.

“Happy Women’s History Month, the doors are open. We are family. Thank you for being a phenomenal woman,” she said to Tracey Cameron, adding, “this is a fantastic time to open a business. We must support our minority women-owned businesses. I look forward to seeing Tracey and her team thrive. We will be here to support her.”

Owner of K&L Manor Banquet Hall, Stacey Cameron, NYC Council Member Farah N. Louis, and VP Economic Development & Strategic Partnership, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Dina Rabiner, at the soft opening of K&L Manor Banquet Hall.

Cameron, who saw an opportunity after the pandemic to expand her business ventures as a banquet hall owner, after starting small, and gradually building her brand to include the new location, described the massive space as an all-white canvas that would allow clients to design the space to suit their special occasion.

The roomy banquet hall, in the space of the former Tropical Reflections night club, after a few hiccups, and a slowdown due the Omicron virus outbreak, has been upgraded to include white marble flooring, an elevated deejay booth, and an expansive drinks bar.

Cameron is excited that business is picking up, sharing that the month of April 2022, is almost fully booked, while inviting party planners to view the space on open-house Wednesdays, 6 pm – 8 pm, or by calling her office at 917-815-3607 for booking of their upcoming events.

She proudly claimed that L&K is one of the largest banquet halls in Brooklyn, with an open canvas space that can accommodate bouncy houses for children’s functions. Weddings, repasses, popup shops, and all events are welcomed in the space, at the corner of 45th Street and Glenwood Road.

Hassan Bakiriddin, chair for community board commerce committee, who has facilitated a series of openings of small businesses in the East Flatbush district, said he wanted to lend support to the business that was due to relaunch in December 2021 but was hindered due to the Omicron virus.

“We want the community to know that this amazing, beautiful space is here,” he said of the 500-capacity seating venue space, with marble white flooring and white walls, and recommended patrons come down to check it out, adding that Cameron is a community-oriented person, and all are invited to enjoy the space.

Joan Bakiriddin, wife of Hassan, and chair of community board commerce committee, called the event a grand reopening of K&L Manor, an upscale, banquet hall, that brings a beautiful addition to “our community.”

“There was another Banquet Hall in this community before this one. Now this fantastic young lady has taken over, and I think it is appropriate in the middle of Women’s History month that we will be facilitating this opening.

“The space is almost ready for us, they opened before, but they noticed that there was a flaw, and they are repairing said flaw. I think it is impressive that they not only came in and added value to our community, but they are also making sure they are looking after the constituents, as they walk through the door to keep them safe, she said.

Camille Hastick, Brooklyn director, Office of the New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, also congratulated Tracey Cameron on her accomplishment, noting the importance of a women-owned business in the community.

VP Economic Development & Strategic Partnership, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Dina Rabiner, applauded the initiative, and pledged support by bringing some of (BCC’s) events to K&L Manor Banquet Hall.

The banquet hall comes complete with security detail, headed by Caleb Beaeau, who explained, that every function will be protected by nine trained safety professionals.

For more information, call 917-815-3607

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