Konshens ‘Red Reign’

Front cover of Konshens’ “Red Reign” album. v
Front cover of Konshens’ “Red Reign” album.

Audiences will be “seeing red” when dancehall star Konshens releases his fifth solo studio album in November, according to Adrian Stupica, of PlaybookMG, a Brooklyn-based entertainment publicity company.

Stupica told Caribbean Life on Monday that Konshens’ “Red Reign” LP is an homage to his “red-haired reign over the dancehall charts.”

“In 2011, Konshens lost a bet that forced him to dye his hair, and his crimson locks have become his signature look in the decade since,” Stupica said. “Red is a bold color associated with love, danger and seduction.

“These themes coincide with recent events in Konshens’ life, like his tumultuous public relationship, the threats of the pandemic, and the desire to connect with others after forced isolation,” he added.

During the quarantine, Stupica said Konshens created over 70 new songs, with some appearing on his latest project.

Back cover of Konshens’ “Red Reign” album. Ineffablemusic

“This creative experience has inspired Konshens to hold nothing back, prompting the artist’s evolved intensity and sexuality,” said Stupica, stating that “’Red Reign’ marks a new era for the Jamaican singer, showcasing an edgier sound with provocative visuals.

“The unofficial ‘Playboy of Dancehall’ blends club bangers with tracks destined to be post-pandemic classics,” he added.

Stupica said Konshens is “ready to get the world whining again with a roster of collaborators, including Davido, Stefflon Don, Rvssian, Dre Island, Kaelyn Kastle, Kemar Highcon, Jesse Royal, and Spice.

“His social media followers are ringing the alarm with red-themed content and steamy scenes percolating onto his platforms in a slow, scarlet drip,” Stupica said. “The consistent release of teasers and trailers keeps his audience on red alert and eager for Konshens to unleash his Red Reign.”

Stupica said Konshens’ lead single, “She Got It,” featuring Rafa Pabön “hits hard with relentless reggae beats and electronic vocals.

“The sound defines the future of dancehall with references to Afrobeat and EDM, pushing the limits of tradition and genre,” he said. “Konshens is a force in the music industry, and ‘Red Reign’ keeps him on the path to legendary status.”

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