Lincoln 3Dot flaunts Dembow music influence in ‘Bang’

Jamaican recording artist Lincoln 3Dot.  Creed Music Global
Jamaican recording artist Lincoln 3Dot.
Creed Music Global

Lincoln 3Dot’s Jamaican heritage exposed him to various genres coming out of the Caribbean, and his musical style is a blend of those influences merged with rap.

The singer has just dropped a new song, “Bang,” which showcases a popular music genre in the Dominican Republic called dembow.

When Jamaican reggae star Shabba Ranks released a track called “Dem Bow” in 1990, the new sound erupted and quickly spread throughout the islands.

The reggaeton elements are present but are more upbeat and paired with a simple melody and dancehall flavor.

“Lincoln listened to dembow heavily when he got inspired to write ‘Bang’ and record the track,” Sarah A. Freiseis, special project manager with the Brooklyn-based entertainment company, PlaybookMG, told Caribbean Life on Tuesday.

“The project came together with the help of a long-time collaborator, producer and rapper, Track Starr,” she added.

Lincoln said, “Track Starr made the beat and the hook. When Mi heard the hook, Mi get excited.”

Freiseis said Lincoln has been dropping music frequently and, most recent, “made an impression with his hit song,’Vibe’ and steamy music video.

“His R&B side gets the spotlight as the flow of his vocals plays off the synthesized guitars,” she said.

Before that, Freiseis said songs “Powaful” and “Storytime” from the album Powaful helped put Lincoln on the map, as did “African Vibe” back in 2018.

“Time in the studio continues for this up-and-comer, as he continues on a body of work with Izy Beats and producer Track Starr.”