Local food pantries: A hub of support for families in Inwood, Highbridge

Volunteers at the Inwood Food Pantry.
Photo by Andressa Tude

On a bustling Saturday, Nov. 18, the streets of Inwood, Manhattan were lined with hundreds of families eagerly awaiting Thanksgiving turkeys. While the event marked a festive occasion, the Inwood and Highbridge Food Pantries have been lifelines, offering sustenance and household essentials to families regularly, transcending holiday seasons.

Initially serving around 100 families weekly, the Inwood Food Pantry has witnessed a substantial surge, now supporting over 400 families. Ismael Trinidad, managing the Inwood pantry, emphasized its pivotal role as a community support system, drawing families not just from the local area but also from the Bronx, Queens, and beyond.

A woman receives a turkey for Thanksgiving from the Inwood Food Pantry.
A woman receives a turkey for Thanksgiving from the Inwood Food Pantry.Photo by Andressa Tude

These essential services are sustained through the backing of the Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP). Comprising local property owners and managers dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality housing, CHIP members actively contribute to funding these crucial food banks.

Amidst pandemic-induced challenges amplifying the cost of necessities, CHIP’s steadfast support has been instrumental in maintaining the biweekly operations of the Inwood and Highbridge food pantries. Collaborating with City Harvest and aided by transportation provided by a CHIP member, pantry director Ismael Trinidad, along with volunteers mobilized by the Worldwide Missionary Movement Church, ensures the provision of canned goods, fresh produce, poultry, and essential home items.

The alliance involves 17 property managers committed to sustaining these vital pantries, actively seeking additional support and volunteers. For those interested in contributing or volunteering, contact Ismael at 646-545-7696 for the Inwood Pantry or 347-490-1704 for the Highbridge Pantry, and become a part of this impactful community initiative.