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What will your children breathe? Environmental issues are on the rise. Parents are advised to heed the call to embrace the green revolution.

Most times as citizens we focus on the larger scale of pollution, but most families neglect to examine their homes for other forms of toxic waste. We owe it to ourselves, our children and the earth to do our part to create a healthier and safer place to live.

Did you recently look at the labels on your household cleansers and other products you have at home? Not to mention, when last did you consider the effects these unsafe and synthetic brands we purchase from our local stores have on our health. Now is the right time to consider green and make that first step to converting your homes into a green home.

According to one author “In order to “go green”, one must conserve the earth’s resources and prevent environmental issues such as pollution, waste and ozone depletion with a focus on lowering carbon footprints”. This strategy can begin in our homes then more people will become involved in the nationwide awareness of saving our planet. Our children deserve a better place to live, we must discontinue buying cheaper products and look for an affordable way to bring home safer and better quality products. They should not be a store brand that contains chlorine bleach, ammonia or formaldehyde. The question is, where can you find products that delivers safety, effectiveness and comes at an affordable price, I have a few suggestions for you.

Many of us will choose the everyday used products, even if it kills us, mainly because of the price. Going green is quickly overlooked since we view this idea as expensive or for some it creates a new bill. However, I found a company that offers a club membership, where you can use the same dollars you spend every month at your local stores.

The company offers green products at a 30-40 percent off with a 90 days money back guarantee policy. The idea is you are going to shop for these products each month anyway, so why not get better quality and safer items in your home at an affordable price and use the same old dollars you throw away at the local stores.

No more choosing Toxic over Green. SWITCH STORES go GREEN and SAVE.

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