Mandatory NYC Board of Elections changes

Mandatory NYC Board of Elections changes
Congresswoman Yvette Clarke (left) and Assemblyman Eric Adams (seated with back to camera) meet with Queens group on several issues.
Photo by Laura Andrews
Photo by Laura Andrews

One of the most important rights, that is to vote, is subject to scrutiny as major elections across New York City gear up for the Primary Election on Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2013.

At this late date, voters are unaware of important changes the Board of Elections in the City of New York have implemented with the Primary Election only weeks away.

For instance, in Cambria Heights, Queens, one important adjustment has been a poll site location change. Voters residing in the 69 Election District and 27th Council District will vote at Holy Trinity Parish Church, located at 222-05 116th Ave. The entrance is deemed wheelchair accessible.

A recent change in venue of the poll site in this ethnically-diverse neighborhood, with a significant voting bloc, has caused residents to question the necessity of the Board of Election to suddenly move their polling location.

Besides a new change in the poll site, there will be “two different voting systems used in this year’s election,” according to the Board of Elections.

In the Primary Election, and if a requisite run-off prevails, the lever voting machine and Ballot Marking Device (BMD) will be available for use.

During the General Election, voters will use the poll site optical voting scanner system and the BMD will be assembled.

If a run-off primary is mandatory, the date will be Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2013.

The Board of Election has provided the public with helpful advice on how to use the lever voting machine properly for the Primary Election, which is the following:

First, pull the red voting handle from left to right. Do not move it again until after completion of your selection.

Second, make your selections by flipping the lever so that you see the X next to the candidate’s name.

Third, once you have made your choices, cast your vote by pulling the red handle from right to left.

To obtain information from the NYC Board of Elections, visit:, or call 866-VOTE-NYC (866-868-3962) or

TTY 212-487-5496.

The Board of Elections’ borough offices contact numbers are: 212-886-2100 (Manhattan), 718-797-8800 (Brooklyn), 718-876-0079 (Staten Island), 718-299-9017 (Bronx) and 718-730-6730 (Queens).

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