Jamaican singer Marcus Antonio. Leo Marshall
Jamaican singer Marcus Antonio.
Leo Marshall

Since his rebrand following his American Idol appearance in 2018, Marcus Antonio has continued to expand his fanbase, and his latest single, “Trouble,” is his latest step in a successful campaign.

“’Trouble’ a vibrant club banger with an interesting narrative, which also makes it suitable for more intimate sessions, is set to ignite the dancefloors this summer,” Jamaican, Brooklyn-based Ronnie Tomlinson, an entertainment publicist, told Caribbean Life on Tuesday.

“It’s easygoing sounds and melodies mixed with the depth of the story, make it similar to Shaggy and Rick Ross’ ‘Wasn’t Me’,” added Tomlinson, chief executive officer of Destine Media.

While Antonio is the son of reggaeand dancehall legend Mark “Dragon” Williams, he takes pride in creating his legacy through his own unique moniker, Tomlinson said.

“Being produced by legends in the reggae space, Marcus paid his dues and learned the craft from producers like Bobby Digital and artists such as Collie Budz,” she said. “Providing a foundation, which creates a solid base for his music career, Marcus Antonio now seeks to continue the pay off by applying what he has learned.”

With a refreshing and melodious series of keys, synths and an upbeat arrangement of drums, Tomlinson said “Trouble” highlights a top tier dancehall production.

She said the producers, Josh Keez and King Recordings Entertainment, put in that extra precise synergy, “which helps this track to stand out among a sea of good dancehall songs.”

“’Trouble’ is a vibe, and I envisioned myself in Trinidad at a beach party having a real good time,” Antonio said. “Trinidad culture — the music, the essence of the culture is a real vibe, and they know how to live it up.

“‘Trouble’ is a reminder to anyone who is in a relationship to never get too comfortable and take the one you love for granted,” he added. “Pay attention to the needs of the one you are with, because if you don’t, they will find someone who will, and get into some ‘TROUBLE.’”

Currently, Antonio is working on writing and producing his next project slated to debut in 2022.

He signed a joint venture, label and distribution deal with King Recordings Entertainment, spearheaded by renowned music manager, Basil “King” Beale.

“Trouble” is now available for streaming on all digital platforms.


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