Marlon Cole debuts Off Broadway play ‘Choices & Consequences’

Marlon Cole debuts Off Broadway play ‘Choices & Consequences’
Marlon Orlando Cole, writer, producer and director of “Choices & Consequences,” addressing a recent Brooklyn audience about his play.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Marlon Orlando Cole, who traces his roots to Jamaica, is on cloud nine after receiving rave reviews for this debut Off Broadway play “Choices & Consequences,” on stage until July 29.

The play which opened on July 7 will continue its run on July 21, 22, 28 and 29 at the St. Luke’s Theater, 308 W 46th S. in New York City. It is a frank play based on a true story written and directed by Cole about life’s complications when an African American couple’s relationship experiences male infertility.

Cole, an investment advisor and ordained minister, wrote the play which looks at the marriage of Dexter (N’fa D’Jba Thomas), a Wall Street broker and his lawyer wife, Angela (Charese Annel).

Angela has been taking hormone treatments for over a year, desperate for a child. They travel to Jamaica where they meet Clinton Winston Barrington III (Swavian Loney) who gets the couple locked up for doing weed. Upon their return to America, the couple visits a fertility doctor and have Dexter tested.

It was revealed that Dexter was the determining factor. He becomes depressed as his self-image as a strong black man begins to fade. This pushes Angela into the arms of a gym instructor, who makes her pregnant. At first, Angela lies, telling her husband that it’s his child; but when he learns the truth the marriage ends. This is according to reviews.

Cole told this reporter recently that he wanted to showcase his talents as a writer, producer and director on the Off Broadway stage which is the mecca of theater.

“I wanted to break through the mold that Caribbean people have been restricted to Caribbean food and music, and make a bigger impact on the Broadway stage,” said the artist, who added that it took him just eight months to produce the play of seven cast members.

Go to or call 212-239-6200 to purchase tickets.

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