Mas Productions Unlimited lures ‘International Treasures’

Mas Productions Unlimited lures ‘International Treasures’|Mas Productions Unlimited lures ‘International Treasures’
Photo by Nelson A. King|Photo by Nelson A. King

There may not be any specific reason, but the Brooklyn-based Mas Productions Unlimited is luring “International Treasures” for this year’s West Indian American Day Carnival Parade.

“There is no special reason; it’s something we came up with,” band leader Vincentian Wesley Millington told Caribbean Life about the production.

With the annual participation of the Belizean New York community, Millington said “International Treasures” comprises four sections – three girls and one boy – with about 15 masqueraders in each section.

The girls sections are: Pacific Pearls, Spanish Splendor and Southwest Treasures. Oriental Onyx is the lone boy section.

“We expect the kids to come out and have fun, and enjoy the carnival,” said Millington, as he worked on a section at the mas camp, located in the basement of David’s Bakery on Avenue H in Brooklyn. “That’s what it’s all about.”

Millington said he was very grateful to the owner of David’s Bakery, his compatriot Don McBarnett, for giving the mas camp the space to build costumes free of charge.

“We had a hard time finding camp space, and Don offered this, which we decided to go with,” he said, disclosing that McBarnett had given him the space for free on two previous occasions, adding that McBarnett usually rents the basement for social events.

“We hope some the people who come to us can give him (McBarnett) some business,” Millington added.

As he and a handful of band members and volunteers worked feverishly on costumes, Millington, who has been participating in the West Indian American Day Carnival Parade for the past 23 years, said Mas Productions will be ready for Labor Day.

But he could not withhold his emotions, saying he was “feeling tired,” adding, “This is a lot of work” and a labor of love.”

DJ Whiz Kid will supply soca music for masqueraders.

Millington can be reached at (718) 759-7766. David’s Bakery in located at 3405 Ave. H, between East 34 and 35th streets, in Brooklyn.

Masquerader Chelsea Smith portrays “Southwest Treasure.”
Photo by Nelson A. King