MAS2 TV is the Caribbean’s Netflix

MAS2 TV is the Caribbean’s Netflix|MAS2 TV is the Caribbean’s Netflix
Dianne Bissoon and Ian Royer addressing the intimate crowd during the official launch of MAS2TV.
Tayo Ola

Move over Netflix, there’s a new streaming service in town and it’s just for the Caribbean.

Filling an apparent void of Caribbean-based content, created by and for the Caribbean community, MAS2 TV – which stands for Multiculturalism, Art Society, and Sports and is pronounced Mas Squared TV – is set to provide docu-series, web-series, TV shows and more online.

“There was nothing there for the Caribbean market or the African market. The reason why Caribbean culture never goes somewhere is because nobody sees it therefore nobody is going to buy it,” Dianne Bisson, a veteran in the telecommunications industry and the EVP/CCO of MAS2 TV, said.

Celebrating the fruit of their labor, Bissoon and Ian Royer – vice president of marketing and strategy – invited friends, family, and collaborators to share in the experience of commercially launching MAS2 TV Oct. 1 at Sweet Chick – located on Ludlow Street between Orchard and Essex streets.

Ideologically conceived two years ago, the MAS2 TV team began hitting the ground running to create the platform last year, Oct. 1, making the launch that much more significant.

“We need to take the culture far and as wide as we can and quickly as possible. Two years later, here we are now — we started development a year ago and on the technology side of it, we have the best applications in streaming and that’s something we’re very proud of,” Royer said during his address to the crowd.

The digital platform provides two tiers of content, categorized as premium or free. Those who subscribe to the service, paying $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year, receive access to special content MAS2 TV would not be able to provide without paying a fee.

According to their website’s terms and conditions, “Therefore, we give our users the choice of paying a subscription fee to access MAS2 TV Premium, which includes content and MAS2 TV would not otherwise be able to make available without charging a fee.”

“This module, used by industry giants such as Netflix and Hulu also allows for filmmakers to earn income from their properties when they are licensed to the platform — a huge win for the emerging film market,” MAS2 TV added in a statement.

While at the launch, guests were able to mingle with actress, Kandyse McClure (Battlestar Galactica) who feels a special connection to the service since she is now connected to the Caribbean through marriage.

Throughout the night, the resounding theme was that of triumph and a pledge to support the culture of the Caribbean and put it on a global pedestal for all to enjoy.

“This platform is something we hope to bridge the gap between the Diaspora, between people of Caribbean ancestry, between the places that we come from,” Royer said.

“I recently heard Spike Lee speaking at a conference and he said the United States is the most powerful country in the world not because it has a nuclear bomb but because it supports its culture and so here’s a platform in MAS2 to bring our culture,” McClure added.

Pat Meschino of Billboard Magazine, Michael Prinville, a producer from NBC, and former footballer and TV Personality Robbie Earle added to the celebration with their attendance and support.

MAS2 TV is ready for streaming and is open to inviting as many content makers and influencers to utilize their platform.

“We don’t want to reject anybody, we will work with it on the free portal or premium. We’re just looking for entertaining documentaries, TV shows — once there is some sort of quality control in the filming we’re happy to look at it,” Royer said.

MAS2 TV is available via their website

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From left, Faride Precile, director of communications NAMIC National; Kandyse McClure, actress; Dianne Bisson, EVP/CCO MAS2TV; Robbie Earle, former footballer and TV host; Ian Royer, VP Marketing & Strategy MAS2TV; and, Mike Prinville, NBC Producer.
Tayo Ola

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