Messages of Hope for a Brighter Furure

Messages of Hope for a Brighter Furure|Messages of Hope for a Brighter Furure
Photo Credit: Tangerine Clarke|Photo Credit: Tangerine Clarke

Trinidad and Tobago superstars David Rudder and Machel Montano on June 6 joined artists at the UN in a global message of hope for a better future in the year 2015 and beyond.

Wearing a white ensemble, Montano’s energetic performance got the audience to their feet and to the front of stage where he wowed guests with his chart-topping hits, calling on leaders to end hunger in the world.

“Haiti, I am sorry,” said Rudder “One day we will lift our heads and see the glory to end poverty.”

It was indeed an historic moment at UN headquarters as he joined a throng of fans to implore world leaders to end poverty. The flag of Antigua&Barbuda was waved with excitement as Soca artist Tizzy revved up the audience as he called on the world to end abuse and trafficking of women and children.

The electrifying evening of music was inspired by the Antigua-born president of the General Assembly John Ashe, who said everyone has a role in making the world a better place.

“The lives of generations to come, the planet we call home and the future of all that encompasses our world depend on the actions we take today,” he said.

Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, who joined Ashe on stage for a traditional African dance with Jai, reiterated that the year 2015 is a once-in-a-generation opportunity, adding that “our duty is to end poverty, leave no one behind and build lives of dignity for all,” as he set the stage for the 2015 UN initiative to address critical issues affecting the world today, that will be addressed by world leaders next year.

The evening was punctuated by the pulsating rhythms of the islands, but it was former child-soldier Emmanuel Jai whose spoken-word poetry and rap music prayed for hope for the billions of people around the world, where every child can go to school and where all women and girls would not fear violence.

“Our weapon is music,” said Jocelyne Bernard, as she called on people around the world to come together as one for a better understanding of each other.

The 60 million people still living in poverty in Bangladesh was brought into focus by artist Sumi, who said that despite recent process women make up the largest number of citizens who are hungry.

The evening of poignant tributes from all of the artists whose passions were heard in their lyrics ended with the words of Bob Marley: “One Love:” Let’s Get Together and Feel All Right.

The concert was co-hosted by veteran actress CCH Pounder and MSNBC Anchor T.J. Holmes.

Machel Montano
Photo Credit: Tangerine Clarke