Minister Harmon: Guyana not in crisis

Minister Harmon: Guyana not in crisis
from left are; Ellen Tappin, Errol Lewis, Beryl James, Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, Joycelyn Thomas-Wilson, Trevor Waterman and Ervin Washington, at the (PNCRNAR) Annual Brunch at Stephen’s Church Hall, in Brooklyn.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Guyana’s Minister of State, Joseph Harmon told a packed audience in Brooklyn, last Saturday, that Guyana is not in a crisis, that the Republic instead, has a sound, stable government in place that respects the constitution and the rule of law, and will never damage that, adding, “at the same time, people should not believe they can pick and choose parts of the constitution and create a crisis where none exists.”

“President Granger has said that once an election is called it has to be on the basis of operational readiness by the commission. We are not afraid of holding elections we want to make sure the opposition does not complain as they always do,” said Harmon, whose government has began house to house registration to ensure effective polling.

Harmon assured expatriates at a People’s National Congress North American Region Annual Creole Brunch, at St. Stephen’s Church Hall, that great things are happening in Guyana, stating that Exxon Mobil, and other off-shore oil drilling companies, are moving from discoveries, and now guarantees five billion barrels in 2020, a very clear sign Guyana cannot turn back, he said.

He explained that a sovereign wealth fund was signed into law by President of Guyana, David A. Granger on January 2019, that would prevent any administration from dipping into oil revenue without going through a significant process.

Proceeds would only be withdrawn for projects approved by the national assembly. A significant percentage for investments and development of Guyana, and its citizens are guaranted for generations to come, noted Harmon.

Guyana’s world-class products, like minerals and its eco-tourism package, in addition to 1600 jobs created by 200 investment companies, have put Guyana back on the world stage, said the politician, who called out some people for confusion in “our dear land of Guyana, of rivers and plains,” adding that the current incendiary discourse by the opposition leader, is a side-show to take away from the positive things nationals at home and in the diaspora have worked hard for.

He called him a single ‘wrecking ball’ who served twelve years as president, before being denied a third term by the courts, but who now wants to be the president in the back, controlling the president in the front, while wrecking “our country, and its reputation overseas.”

“The diaspora is a strong resource, necessary for Guyana’s development. Thanks for the work you are doing, and the inspiration you give to Guyana,” the politician told expatriates, while calling on the media to play its part, to report accurately, what is truly happening in Guyana.

He also acknowledged Andrea McPhoy, who started a movement on social media that challenged the political discourse, garnered 80,000 followers, and got the attention of the Coalition and the opposition.

“We worked very hard to improve our image. We brought back pride to Guyana. We are no longer considered a narco state. Our people are our national treasure, we value Guyanese wherever they are,” he said, and made reference to 400 young people who disappeared under the previous administration.

“I say to all Guyanese, no! We are not going back to that type of nineties behavior. We are now being led by a president of high moral values, and whose integrity is beyond question, no one challenges his honesty,” said Harmon, who lambasted a former Coalition parliamentarian who was bribed in return for a ‘no confidence motion” against the government, that calls for elections in 90 days, now before the courts.

And while the ruling will be handed down sometime this week, Harmon, quoting President Granger, said, “the nation’s legislative process is in place, and parliament will continue to function, until such time, as a new president is sworn-in.”

In the meantime, Harmon has called on nationals to volunteer as scrutineers to ensure the opposition toes the line at polling stations.

“We can mobilized people to come out and vote for us, but we cannot control the skullduggery that will take place. We need careful eyes on the ground. You have a role to play, come home and help us to keep them honest. President Granger guarantees elections in 2019, once the commission is ready.”

“Join with us on this journey, to make sure Guyana remains a stable, prosperous nation, and democracy that is growing, and getting stronger, and recognized by the world for what it is,” said Harmon, acknowledging he is proud to be Guyanese, and proud to be a minister in the David Granger administration.

The PNCR North American Region executive members are Errol Lewis, president, Ellen Tappin, Joycelyn Thomas-Wilson, Beryl James, and Trevor Waterman.

Others are Alex Sanders, Maurice Wilson, Derek Arjune, Mike Campbell, Ervin Washington, Egon Lawrence, Dennis Austin, Byron Henry, Artie Ricknauth, Jerome Bulkan, Antrubus, and Benny Ramond.

The executive thanked Impressions Dance Theater, DJ Sidney, Winslow Barnwell, and Winston Jeggae Hoppie, for the grand entertainment.

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