Miss Jamaica emerges 1st to style dreadlock coif in Miss World Pageant

Miss Jamaica emerges 1st to style dreadlock coif in Miss World Pageant
Miss Jamaica, Sanneta Myrie, at the Miss World Pageant.
Miss World 2015


No problem.

That is what Jamaican doctor Sanneta Myrie must have decided prior to entering the Miss Jamaica World pageant in her country.

Pageant judges there agreed that despite the fact never in the 64-year history a pageant queen had ever sported the popular, natural African, hairstyle Myrie emerged the clear cut winner of the beauty contest.

“My story is one of a little girl whose life was transformed with charity and love and my quest in life is to give that back to as many people as I can, and to inspire the world with my story, that no matter where you are from, your skin type your hair color, your situation — your dreams are valid.

“And I believe that beauty with a purpose embodies my quest and if I was blessed with the crown tonight, I would dedicate my essence to give back to the world in a purposeful and beautiful way with charity and love,” Myrie said.

On arriving in Sanya, China, the 24-year-old monarch stood out from the other 119 contestants that competed for the World title.

Her natural beauty might have been the focus but her unique, cascading, locks might have also attributed to the admirable glances.

Her hair was neither braided nor the usual straight nor curly hair dominant among potential winners and country queens regular paraded at international beauty contests.

By the end of the 65th annual contest Myrie, the first ever dreadlocked Miss World contestant, was named one of five finalists poised to win the Miss World competition.

Along with queens representing Spain, Russia, Indonesia, and Lebanon Myrie was among the world’s five most beauteous monarchs.

She also finished third in the talent section of the competition.

Along with beauty, Myrie boasts a scientific mind. She is a fully qualified doctor committed to helping others. Passionate about the work she does, her aspirations include working with Doctors without Borders, the organization that provides medical care to the most marginalized worldwide.

Aside from her duties, she loves the Jamaican lifestyle, and explained that she embraces every facet of its culture, reggae music and foods – mostly fresh fish cuisines.

In her spare time she enjoys long distance and cross country running, loves to dance and volunteers as a counselor for the University of the West Indies (UWI).

Myrie was asked why she should be named Miss World 2015, to which she responded that she was already grateful for the opportunity to be in China representing Jamaica.

Myrie took third place while Miss Guyana Lisa Punch left the runway with the Caribbean’s top prize in the talent division finishing number.

Spanish model Mireia Lalaguna took the top prize of Miss World.

Hair did not factor recently at the Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas.

Controversy brewed there when host / comedian Steve Harvey crowned Miss Colombia the winner of the pageant. In fact it was Miss Phillipines that actually won the title.

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