Miss World Guyana takes NY by storm

Miss World Guyana takes NY by storm|Miss World Guyana takes NY by storm
Photo by Tangerine Clarke|Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Miss World Guyana 2016, Nuriyyih Girrard said she is still savoring the experience of flying First Class for the first time, and thanked Fly Jamaica Airways, for her safe voyage to the Big Apple, for a weekend of meet and greet, before preparing for the Dec. 20, Miss World Pageant in Washington, DC.

Wearing a forest-green firm fitting dress, the beauty made a royal entrance at the Guyana Consulate in NYC, on Sept. 2, and was honored by Guyanese supporters, Miss World Guyana franchise holder, Natasha Blu Martaindale, and committee members Roger Gary and Michelle Cole.

Gerrard, a 24-year-old psychology student, and Ambassador of Guyana’s rural Patora-Siparuni, Region 8, spoke passionately about mental health awareness, a topic she is quite familiar with.

During her presentation, the queens said she struggled with her own self-esteem as a teenage, hence her entrance into the pageant to challenge herself, to see herself in a different light, and to embrace her own type of beauty.

“I view this pageant as one where young woman such as myself could make a meaningful difference in the world, in their lives, in their community, in society and in our country.”

“I am a positive role model for young girls growing up, said Gerrard who, will use her experience and “Thrive” Live Without Stigma campaign as part of her Beauty With A Purpose when she competes at the Miss World Pageant.

The popular beauty whose melodious voice is heard on Guyana’s 94.1 Boom FM radio, early morning radio show in Georgetown, and whose mixed heritage of Indigenous People and African Guyanese, gave her a stage to represent Guyana’s multicultural heritage, will truly showcase Guyana in a positive way.

“Everyone was created for success, and I will use my talents to make a difference in Guyana and advocate for mental health issues,” said Miss Gerrard.

Accompanied by 1st Princess, Treasure James, ambassador of Cuyuni-Mazaruri, a medical student, and 2nd Princess, Najuma Nelson, Ambassador of Linden-Upper Demerara, a 25-year-old chemist – Gerrard, a poet, actress and Deejay, is excited to represent her homeland, Guyana.

Miss Guyana World franchise holder, Natasha Martaindale thanked sponsors, especially Fly Jamaica Airway, stating that had it not been for the airline’s generosity, the queens would not be in New York.

“It is wonderful when brands partner to share values, and make a great impact, not only in the lives of these young women, but also in the lives of young people.”

Also present to greet the young beauties, were Fly Jamaica representative, Carl Bowen, Suicide Prevention Advocate, Dianne Madray, President of the Guyana Tri-State Alliance, Patricia Jordon-Langford, United Nations representative, Courtney Noel, and LGBT advocate, Antoine Craigwell.

Some of Nuriyyih’s activities included, attending the Annual Guyana Folk Festival’s Kwe Kew display and Family Fun Day in Brooklyn.

To learn more follow Nuriyyih – https://www.facebook.com/MissWorldGuyana

Good Luck! Nuriyyih.

Miss Guyana World 2016, Nuriyyah Gerrard, (third from left) is joined by fashion designer, Michelle Cole (left) 2nd Princess, Najuma Nelson, 1st Princess, Treasure James, Natasha Martindale and Dianne Madray.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke