NESSA clothing brand set to debut “Capricorn” collection in Baltimore, showcasing unique blend of Guyanese Indo-Caribbean heritage and urban style

Jasmin Nessa Ali (center) surrounded by models wearing pieces from her clothing branding NESSA.
Photo by Jameer Robinson
A new voice emerges from New York’s fashion world, seamlessly blending Guyanese cultural heritage with contemporary urban style. Meet Jasmin Nessa Ali, the creative force behind the ‘NESSA’ clothing line, a brand that celebrates diversity, individuality, and the rich tapestry of Indo-Caribbean culture.

NESSA, Jasmin’s women’s brand, is not just about fashion; it’s a fusion of her cultural heritage and contemporary fashion trends, offering unique collections. Each piece in the Nessa collection, from its vibrant colors to intricate patterns, tells a unique story of cultural identity and empowerment, a narrative that will captivate.

Born and raised in Queens, New York, Jasmin’s journey to becoming a fashion designer began at a young age. With a passion for design and a deep connection to her Guyanese roots, she embarked on a mission to create clothing that reflects her unique cultural perspective. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant streets of New York City and the colorful traditions of Guyana, Jasmin’s designs are a testament to her creativity, vision, and commitment to cultural expression.

Jasmin Nessa Ali the owner/founder NESSA clothing brand.
Jasmin Nessa Ali the owner/founder NESSA clothing brand.Photo by Jameer Robinson

“My designs reflect my deep cultural heritage and love for fashion, blending tradition with modernity. I draw inspiration from Guyana’s rich tapestry fashion; I enjoy deconstructing traditional saree and lehenga silhouettes. My fascination lies in the unique elements that define Guyanese Indian fashion: intricate bedding, opulent gold accents, and exquisite trimmings. These distinctive features are the foundation of my aesthetic. However, my upbringing in New York City and my love for streetwear significantly shape my brand. So, my clothing line embodies the fusion of Indo-Caribbean aesthetics and New York City street style, residing at the intersection of these two influences. From cargo shorts to lehenga blouses, my designs encompass the diverse essence of both worlds,” she explained.

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Jasmin handcrafts each piece of clothing in her bedroom studio, infusing her creations with the spirit of Guyanese pride and the energy of urban life. From streetwear staples like cargo shorts and cropped hoodies to traditional Guyanese elements such as sarees, lehengas, and intricate beading, NESSA’s collections celebrate diversity and inclusivity.

As Jasmin prepares to debut her third fashion exhibition, “Capricorn,” she invites audiences to experience her unique blend of Guyanese heritage and urban style. Scheduled for May 4 in Baltimore, “Capricorn” promises to showcase creativity, innovation, and cultural fusion. With each collection, Jasmin aims to foster a sense of unity and empowerment, inspiring others to embrace their heritage and express themselves boldly through fashion.

Sarita Nauth wears a piece from NESSA's clothing line for a photoshoot.
Sarita Nauth wears a piece from NESSA’s clothing line for a photoshoot. Photo by Leeanna Hariprashad

“I’m a one-woman show, so I make everything out of my bedroom. My short-term goal, which is five years, is to hire a team; I want to afford the proper fabrics and put out a large inventory because, as a one-woman team, I only put out small batches, so everything is minimal. My long-term goal is to have a fashion house; I want the brand to be a household name and do all the fashion shows in Paris, Milan, and New York, of course, but I have the vision to have Nessa be the catalyst for a lot of things, I wanna put Caribbean festivals with fashion at the center in New York and Guyana,” she noted.

In addition to her work as a fashion designer, Jasmin is also passionately dedicated to promoting racial unity in the Caribbean and the United States. Through collaborations, fashion shows, and community events, she actively creates a platform for cultural exchange and dialogue, celebrating the diversity and richness of Caribbean culture and inspiring hope for a more unified future.

As Jasmin continues to make her mark in the fashion industry, she remains committed to her vision of creating clothing that transcends borders, celebrates diversity, and empowers individuals to embrace their unique identity. With NESSA, Jasmin Nessa Ali is redefining the fashion landscape, one garment at a time.